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Took my nephew out - don't touch that!

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Hi, I have not posted for ages, but I hope to start using moblog again, and try to do a good and interesting blog like everyone else. I've got gorgeous red hair, an old cat - and a nephew.
I took him shopping at a large 'mill' which has been made into shop units -- (he has only just started to toddle about and walk recently) to buy a friend a present for her birthday. Everything seemed to be at Felix’s height, and as I looked at things, he copied me. I took my eyes off him for a minute and let go of his hand (mum’s are obviously better practised than me and probably don't make this mistake). He picked up one of those headless women jewellery holders and the bottom of it just sort of fell away in his hands, – nothing was broke, and it fitted together again easily, so we quickly moved away before anyone noticed. I then saw the candle section and I picked up a nice candle holder to look. As quick as a flash and while I was distracted looking at the one I had picked, Felix picked up one of the glass candle holders similar to those in the picture, so I said "don’t touch that", so he was a good boy, he dropped it immediately, and completely smashed it on the floor! I was thinking, I don’t think we are going to get away with it this time – there is no way these pieces will go back together!! (joke) -- Felix was very good though and as he dropped it, he took a dive to the floor and the lady in charge of the shop rushed over to make sure he was OK and hadn’t fallen in the glass (he’s not daft – he dived the other way - he must have learned this somewhere - a divertionary tactic?) I offered to pay for it but she wouldn’t hear of it – I won’t be taking him shopping anywhere again where there are things that he can touch and can break, I only took my eyes off him for a few seconds. I decided not to buy anything that was made of glass!

25th May 2010, 09:27   | tags:,,