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Nazi gnome?

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How very strange.
16th Mar 2010, 20:53   | tags:,,


swamprose says:

Love all this internets information, but sometimes I ask myself if the world need to know this?

17th Mar 2010, 02:40

ateepee says:

I reckon everything we post online is slightly pointless to some quite possibly not, but I thought it was an interesting poster, so I decided to share it anyway :)

17th Mar 2010, 10:12

hildegard says:

Given the strength of ultra-Right lackwittery in the former Soviet block, it seems a necessary effort. One day we'll probably discover that Charlie Wilson was funding them as "noble freedom fighters against Comoonism" as well as the Mujahedin. :(

17th Mar 2010, 11:30

Twiglet says:

I don't think the post is pointless at all ateepee. But I would like to know what Gemeinsam Mehr means. Or is it a name?

17th Mar 2010, 11:40

Puddlepuff says:

All Gnomes are Evil Nazis, programmed to destroy the world in 2013.


Gemeinsam Mehr Nazis Stoppen = summink like, Together stopping more Nazis.

17th Mar 2010, 11:51

Twiglet says:

Thanks Ppuff. I'm shite at those translation sites. : )

17th Mar 2010, 11:58

ateepee says:

Ahah, thanks Twiglet! I'm glad you found it interesting :) And Puddlepuff, thanks for translating, I kept wondering myself :P I got about as far as "Well, I think it might be talking about stopping nazis...."

I wish I'd gotten more photos of them, because the campaign as a whole seemed pretty catchy and was quite memorable. All involving gnomes though!

17th Mar 2010, 13:10

swamprose says:

sorry I came off so shirty there. I actually thought it was a good catch.

18th Mar 2010, 21:32

ateepee says:

Don't worry about it, I figured you didn't mean anything by it :) And I'm glad you liked it!

19th Mar 2010, 01:10