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Wow, fell behind like crazy!
What can I say? I've been too preoccupied to update really.

Uni has been amazing. I've done my first 3 assignments. Two for Classics (Mandy you are a Godsend and I love you for all the help!) and the other for Digital Revolution. On my way to Critical Histories of Image right now with my awesome lecturer Sal; who gets cooler everytime I see her. I'm totally pumped to start my first Image Essay but just have to make up my mind about what image I want to use.

Also got japanese today. Got all my hirigana memorised and this week is katakana which is proving harder >< but I'll get there. Got my flash cards made, just need to practise over the weekend.

Off of Uni, I've seen two incredible shows at the Fringe this year. Wil Anderson and Adam Hills to be precise. Somehow managed to get in the first 2 and 3 rows for both! Although with Adam its almost worth it to turn up late cause then he comes over to harrass you. Will definitely see him again next year <3

I also got myself a nice new little asus laptop which is frankly all shinee and is my new love XD

Been trying my hand at the new Final Fantasy as well! Its gorgeous on the big screen! I'm really liking the battle system with the crystal and paradymn (or however you spell it) thingies. Not sure about the battles for Eidolons but we'll see.
Having to time share that one with Brodie so haven't played it a huge lot so no commenting on story yet.

Argh bus in city now.