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A grand day out

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Rose was born by caesarian section yesterday morning, weighing a healthy 7lb 13oz (or 3.58kg in new money). All going well so far, and we're hoping that Minkey and Rose will be home tomorrow*.

In other news, I'm considering becoming a surgeon because the outfits are so cool.

*EDIT 1: More likely to be Sunday now.
EDIT 2: Strike that, all were home on Saturday evening.
26th Feb 2010, 08:31   | tags:,,,


mara says:

Congratulations : )

26th Feb 2010, 08:51

rhys says:


Ha ha ha! Becoming a surgeon just for the outfit?!

26th Feb 2010, 09:10

JokerXL says:

Ab-Fab Hari!
Many congratz to you and Minkey, and a big welocome to the Mini-Minkey!

26th Feb 2010, 09:11

Twiglet says:

Congratulations Hari and Minkey. Great news!

26th Feb 2010, 09:53

Jane Doe says:

Such good news, congratulations and welcome to Rose

26th Feb 2010, 10:08

billion says:

hey, congrats!


26th Feb 2010, 10:36

Factotum says:

Congratulations to all of you!

26th Feb 2010, 12:14

paintist says:

wonderful news, congratulations to the whole family ! :-)

26th Feb 2010, 13:13

Kostika says:

YAY!! Hi new little moblogger.

26th Feb 2010, 13:18

hildegard says:

Zoinks! Hello parents & hello Rose. Nice bilingual name choice there. How long is she?
C-section damn disabling, my very best to Minkey; hope she's got lots of help over the next few weeks.

26th Feb 2010, 14:52

swamprose says:

wonderful news. I do like her name. Hari, you look like you did all the work!Best to Minkeymom.

26th Feb 2010, 15:22

crickson says:

Excellent stuff - congratulations! : D

26th Feb 2010, 15:26

Rick says:

Wonderful news. All 3 of you look great!

26th Feb 2010, 16:28

Caine says:

Welcome to the world, Rose. Congratulations, Minkey & Hari!

26th Feb 2010, 19:32

Sprocket says:

Woo Hoo, congratulations to you all :-)))

27th Feb 2010, 00:13

queserasara says:

Oh my - wonderful news. Hope both girls are home soon. Qssxxx

27th Feb 2010, 12:38

bethmadethis says:

Well done! A brand new human!

27th Feb 2010, 13:12

MaggieD says:

Oh wow! .... have been waiting for this since seeing you both at QSS's Halloween Party .... sorry to say I am in the midst of a very difficult time at the moment, but seeing this is such a boost:).... love and kisses to Rose and to you both :)

27th Feb 2010, 21:03

harimanjaro says:

Thank you all for your congratulations and good wishes. We're all at home now and I'm learning all about sleep deprivation. Minkey is getting as much rest as she can and making good progress with her recovery.

Hildegard, they didn't measure her length, not sure why. It would have been difficult, anyway: after many months in an awkward breech position Rose's legs were still very curled up. She's straightening out now, though, slowly but surely.

Maggie, I'm so happy that little Rose could give you a boost, I hope your difficult time will get a bit easier soon.

28th Feb 2010, 14:26

Viv says:

Oh wow - brilliant - love the name - many congrats to you both

28th Feb 2010, 18:58

Nona says:

At last!!! Thank you both so much for our beautiful grandaughter:) Love you all. Baby Rose is absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to do real hugs when this wretched cold has gone!! xxx

1st Mar 2010, 10:24

shitake says:

Happy Birthday the little flower! : ) Congratulations for the happy parents! :D
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1st Mar 2010, 20:51

minkey says:

Thanks for all the lovely wishes. The pre-op went a bit hairy...heart beat below 40. I responded too well to the spinal....3 days at home already and we're progressing in leaps and bounds, apart from the sleeping pattern at night. But it goes with the territory....and Rose is adorable

2nd Mar 2010, 18:38

FilbertFox says:

this is grand news (ok i am a bit late in saying that I know, busy busy etc).

I am sure you will love being parents.

I wish you happy days and sleepful nights!

3rd Mar 2010, 09:10

harimanjaro says:

Shitake, that is beautiful. Thank you.

5th Mar 2010, 11:04

shitake says:

: )

5th Mar 2010, 13:17

SLG says:

aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Bless. So sorry I missed this. Congratulations to you all.what a lovely name.... Welcome Rose :-)

5th Mar 2010, 17:08

nige says:

Wow, I've not been keeping up. Saw the fb message but missed it on here. Congratulations you three. Wow.

6th Mar 2010, 20:53

Christiane et Claude(cceccaron-at-hotmail-dot-fr) says:

Félicitations aux parents et bienvenue à la jolie petite Rose... Bravo au papa qui visiblement a bien surmonté l'épreuve au vu de sa mine réjouie... Mais il ne sait pas ce qui l'attend maintenant avec 2 femmes à la maison :o))
Vous embrassons tous les 3
PS : Helen traduira pour Paul

11th Mar 2010, 17:15

Dhamaka says:

congratulations again to both of you.
I'm looking forward to meeting the little one

2nd Apr 2010, 10:46

harimanjaro says:

Come and meet her soon, D, whenever you like.

2nd Apr 2010, 11:25

swamprose says:

so, where are the baby photos? Hope all is well with all of you.

14th Oct 2010, 05:26

harimanjaro says:

All is very well indeed, Swamprose, but between Rose, work and home improvements I haven't had much time for anything else. I'll post baby photos very soon though, I promise.

14th Oct 2010, 07:45