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How Does Homeopathy Work?

The Story of Bottled Water

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Signs & wonders; the backlog


billion says:


"question everything... why?" is now my new favourite catchphrase. think that would look pretty smart on a t-shirt :D

26th Feb 2010, 09:16

Jane Doe says:

Super set

26th Feb 2010, 10:07

minushabens says:

lovely! :)

26th Feb 2010, 12:20

hildegard says:

Glad they're liked.
Spoonlamp's re-appearance on Moblog reminded me about the crest & when I checked my Signs folder turns out I had quite the stockpile...

26th Feb 2010, 13:09

Rick says:

These are great. I like that old restaurant sign. The mental image of buckets of chocolate being poured over the Royal Family made me laugh.

26th Feb 2010, 17:09

spoonlamp says:

My ears are burning! :)
That's a beautiful Globe & Buster at the bottom.

26th Feb 2010, 18:39

hildegard says:

Yeah well, your return couldn't go unmarked. The plaque's on the front of what I think is your reservists' place in Bristol, lovely building & they do keep it nice. :)

26th Feb 2010, 22:27

swamprose says:

a great collection. I am also waiting to hear about 'buster'.

27th Feb 2010, 01:38

hildegard says:

"Buster the lion" is ringing a bell though the only reference I can find is a kids' book that seems a bit recent to be likely. Probably where I picked it up - never really sure what to do with kids so tend to wind up reading to them.

(Edit) I cracked & Googled it. Still none the wiser why "Buster" though.

27th Feb 2010, 02:21

swamprose says:

a personal motto: always, when in danger with children, read to them. This has saved me, and them, a lot of pain.

27th Feb 2010, 02:57

ThreeCollies says:

Chocolate covered Royal Marines? This just got weird.

27th Feb 2010, 15:18

hildegard says:

"Chocolate covered Royal Marines" - now there's a post that made me open my eyes very wide indeed.

27th Feb 2010, 16:24

Jane Doe says:

RN slang:
Globe & Buster The Corps Crest also the journal of the Royal Marines The Globe and Laurel

27th Feb 2010, 18:12

hildegard says:

Yeah, but why call a laurel wreath Buster?

27th Feb 2010, 23:03

Jane Doe says:

I did wonder if it was a rather obtuse bit of word association - Stan Laurel - Buster Keaton?

1st Mar 2010, 14:14

hildegard says:

Could be, I was tempted by antique classical literalism - all thoses busts of Caesars & Senators & whatnot with their laurel wreaths. Given the gaps between his posts, Spoons could leave us wondering a long time...

1st Mar 2010, 14:23

Viv says:

great collection

2nd Mar 2010, 01:57

spoonlamp says:

Sorry for delay! Even more sorry to not be able to shed any light on it - just a tradition, slang picked up. Here are some more, but again not sure of histories of them - mostly a combination of old navy stuff and cockney stuff :)

4th Mar 2010, 07:20

hildegard says:

Ah well, Don't give the Southrons all the credit; your lot have clearly recruited all over the country to get that list. Do like "poultice walloper" think I might keep that for nurses.

BTW - do your Welsh connections give you any expertise on that bit of the coast from Barmouth to Aberystwyth? Looking for somewhere to stay but the Welsh tourist board have blown all their money on Rhod Gilbert rather than on running a decently-organised accommodation site. Still, can't really be cross with folk who give me more chances to letch after Mr G. ;)

4th Mar 2010, 12:11