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Snippets of my life that I randomly upload here. Artwork & Photography. Laughs. Skateboarding. Things of interest. Music.

You haven't even started to do what I done
You young don't listen, you just carry on
Well, we heard it before when your song got sung
Get a grip son
Cause you're always drunken
We're not captains just skivvy sunken
Humdrum drum, drum, live fast die young.

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I don't care what you say, skateboarding is cool.

Here are some pictures I've taken of my friends whilst out skating. I might upload some of me another time, but as its my art blog I thought I'd stick to ones I've taken myself. Fuck it skateboarding is an art form, some are me. I hope summer's hot and I can get out skating again. Peace.


bethmadethis says:

I really like the concentration on your faces - everyone but you has their mouth tight shut with their lips sucked in.

3rd Feb 2010, 22:50

TomArt says:

haha yeah mine just goes wide open instead, oh well. x

3rd Feb 2010, 23:58

harimanjaro says:

But me on a skateboard and it's most definitely not cool. These on the other hand are very cool indeed.

(I've rotated #3 for you)

5th Feb 2010, 09:30

TomArt says:

what does rotated mean? and wikid cheers x

7th Feb 2010, 16:43