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Vincent Valentine is a fictional character in Square Enix's role-playing game Final Fantasy VII. Created by Tetsuya Nomura, he also appears in various titles from the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII as a support character and is the protagonist in the third-person shooter Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII and its mobile phone tie-in. He is also present in the fighting game Ehrgeiz. The English voice actor of Vincent is Steven Blum, while the Japanese voice actor was Kazuhiro Nakata in Ehrgeiz and Sh?go Suzuki in all other appearances.

Vincent is a genetically modified human who, prior to the Final Fantasy VII, was a Turk assigned to guard the scientist Lucrecia Crescent. Although both fell in love, Lucrecia decided to carry the child of Hojo, Sephiroth, head of the Science Department, for an experiment relating to Jenova's cells. Vincent would become the subject of one of Hojo's experiments and by his introduction in Final Fantasy VII, he joins Cloud Strife's group to defeat Sephiroth, who plans to destroy the planet as well as to confront Hojo. In the game Dirge of Cerberus, Vincent's character and backstory are further explored.

Due to time constraints, Vincent was not originally meant to be playable in Final Fantasy VII, but in the end he appeared as an optional character. Still, in the titles from Compilation, Vincent would focus more in developing his character. Publications for video games have had positive comments Vincent; he has been regarded as a popular character within the game while his role in Dirge of Cerberus was praised.
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