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Blood bath

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Blood all over the place. Both cats appear to be intact and there are no little 'presents' anywhere to be seen.
14th Jan 2010, 14:38  

hildegard says:

Any chance they've been fighting with anyone? Punctures are hard to find... I'd almost be hoping for that.
Option B is that they've brought in Something that could afford to lose lots of blood. Something that has escaped to hide somewhere in your house. We can discount small birds & mice on grounds of volume. You've looked for it, so wherever it is, you're not expecting it & it may come as no small suprise when you find it. I am reminded of my mate's half-dead-pheasant-in-the-shower-tray experience...

14th Jan 2010, 15:22

FilbertFox says:

oh yeuck!!! We have had them nearly 2 years and they have never given us any presents yet. The blood is on the windowsill and worktop (not the part in the kitchen and no sharp stuff) and I have looked everywhere else I can think of.

As for hunting Maya is very small and might even struggle with a sparrow, and as for Rebus, he really is stupid, before he pounces he chirrups loud and long to let them know he is about to pounce.

14th Jan 2010, 15:35

hildegard says:

Heh, no pheasants nor bunnies for you then. A relief.
Oscar has managed several mice but is mercifully hopeless on birds. The one sparrow he caught escaped his jaws & was right as a rain after 90 mins in a warm, quiet box. He recently presented me with a goldfinch & filled me with guilt, until I realised it was frozen through & no kill of his at all.

14th Jan 2010, 15:46

FilbertFox says:

We know of a cat who used to make a pile of three twigs on their 'owners' drive. Never 2 or 4.

14th Jan 2010, 15:48

Essitam says:

I was going to comment on hidden presents, but then went on to read the thread and decided to refrain...

14th Jan 2010, 16:27

FilbertFox says:

what amazing self control you have!

14th Jan 2010, 16:40

Sprocket says:

ewww nasty

14th Jan 2010, 18:31

Caine says:

Oh my. Well, if no corpses have been found, it might have been tiny cuts on the paw pads. That's happened to my cats in the winter before; they're like paper cuts and bleed like crazy. Very hard to see though.

14th Jan 2010, 19:49

Viv says:

ah sounds possible...

mine are definitely killers - which is why Alan won't let me give them a cat flap for fear of what they might bring in

14th Jan 2010, 20:20

silar31 says:

The one good part about Bandit getting older and slowing down slightly = no more having to regularly trade dog biscuits for freshly killed rodentia and small birds. He may be as dumb as a box of rocks, but there has never been anything wrong with his hunting instincts!

15th Jan 2010, 16:52

MaggieD says:

I agree with Caine, cut paw pads bleed like crazy ..... I spent the best part of a Sunday morning hunting for 'presents' when I found similar paw prints .... I found lots of dust bunnies, £1.42 in coinage, a 'lost 'tax return form and some 'unmentionables' ...... Pepys was fine but Sam had a small cut on his paw

15th Jan 2010, 17:30