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I received this "Diploma of Honour" (and spangley medal) from Geert at work the other day.
Wasn't too sure what it all meant until I looked it up on t'internet.

The IRU is a European agency covering most countries in Europe and the Employer's organisations within those countries.
Every year they trawl around their members looking for professional drivers who might fit their criteria for this award.
There were 1097 awarded in the whole of Europe last year, just 94 in the Netherlands (there are about 160,000 registered, qualified drivers in NL).

Criteria include;
More than 20 years experience on the roads
Not having caused any major accidents during those 20 years, where serious injury was involved
Having covered at least a million kilometres during that period
Been working to the the present employer's full satisfaction for at least the last 5 years
Having made no serious errors concerning customs, administration or other regulations in the last 5 years.
That sort of thing.

I'd heard of this thing before, but in 23 years never met a driver who'd actually been awarded one.
Perhaps they're all just keeping quiet about it, they'll all come out of the woodwork now with; "oh yeah, had mine for ages"
Still, one of only 94, out of a potential 160,000, that ain't bad!

(I shall NOT be seen wearing that medal any time soon)

And, Mams, Paps & Edwin, tnx for the flowers!
1st Jan 2010, 12:38  


Jane Doe says:

Congratulations, and happy new year to you both

1st Jan 2010, 13:24

SLG says:

Woooooooo Congratulations and a Happy New Year to you and cola.

1st Jan 2010, 13:30

Viv says:

yay well done and a HNY to all

well done on the Lucia site too :)

1st Jan 2010, 14:04

Wendle says:

Well done, dude! :)

1st Jan 2010, 17:03

taniwha says:

Brilliant news. I'm pleased for you.

1st Jan 2010, 17:41

JokerXL says:

Cheers all,

Viv, the Lucia site is very much a work-in-progresss, tons still to do,
five years of random additions, a filing system that Godzilla would be proud of and links that ran out of date three years ago.
All good fun though.
(English-language version in the make)

1st Jan 2010, 17:51

Dhamaka says:

Congratulations - More than deserved, in more ways than they would know I'd say


1st Jan 2010, 18:49

Caine says:

Wow. Congratulations, Joker!

1st Jan 2010, 21:51

crickson says:

Wow! Well done!

1st Jan 2010, 23:55

cariadus says:

Congrats! Nice to see good driving being rewarded.

2nd Jan 2010, 10:02

FilbertFox says:

Well done you.

I expect to see pictures of you wearing it. And nothing else!

And you must stand to attention too.....

2nd Jan 2010, 11:59

Paddington says:

well done. Basking in reflected glory here.

Should go well with the other gongs.

I see no mention of you in the New Year Honours List.

2nd Jan 2010, 12:08

Boet says:

wow, look at that, your the best truckdriver.
Congratulations and HNY

2nd Jan 2010, 13:39

EJ says:

Congratulations and HNY to you

5th Jan 2010, 00:17

PR says:

tchhhhh,,,,,,,,,, you must keep silence!!!!! this award belongs to masonic lodge! next step is the secret meeting where you will be invited by the fraternity. so be prepared till you finally accepted for the initiation! ))))))))))))

9th Jan 2010, 14:09

JokerXL says:

Tnx all!

PR; you may be right, I'll watch out for the "secret handshakes" in the near future.

9th Jan 2010, 17:04

MaggieD says:

Oh wow! just catching up, Congratulations ...... you have other gongs? ..... I think you should do as FF suggests ,,,,

9th Jan 2010, 18:42

JokerXL says:

Tnx Maggie, I have "Other Gongs", yes.
The GSM(ni) & the UN(unficyp) medal, and they won't be seen adorning my n'ked bod any time soon neither!

9th Jan 2010, 18:55

MaggieD says:

I am now going to look up the GSM and UN medals ......

9th Jan 2010, 19:04

JokerXL says:

9th Jan 2010, 19:53

nige says:

I missed this when you posted it, but well done man, that's amazing.

2nd Feb 2010, 17:39

minushabens says:

mucho gusto!!!

3rd Feb 2010, 13:08