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Distorted Reflection - another Happy New Year

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Thought for 2009/2010

Bit of an understatement, but its been a very difficult year all round for pretty much everyone I know, including Moblog.
Its quieter here than it used to be (but so are the roads!). Mobloggers have been called away to other areas of their lives, not just lost interest because of the technical issues, though I know it has been very frustrating at times.

But other things have effected the ebb and flow of Moblog too. The 'original founding fathers' have found themselves having to concentrate on real world committments and lives, something we have all had to do, perhaps this year more than ever before.

I've chosen to see this time, in a way that is familiar to me............... it's like children (ahem) leaving to travel or go to university...... they will be back.... and they will hopefully have shared some of those experiences with us (those who are more 'fixed' here)and that actually makes this place all the better.

Just like a family there have been some fallings out, that is regrettable and a shame, but time an all that.............

There has been a good core of people who have kept the home fire's burning..... Twiglet, Craft, Candyman, ~R~, Shitake, Mara, Cariadus, Earthlad, mysteritmo, wendle, George, Caine, Viv et al, the mods who, did'nt ask to be....... (or not to be.....) and I'm gonna shoot myself in the foot here because undoubtedly I am going to have missed someone really important, so please if I have forgive me and send me a punch! :O

Thankfully there have been alot of newcomers, too who like us!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plenty has gone on behind the scene's but as in every Grrreeeat, Shakespearean play you dont get to see that till a later act.

2009........Friends not with us any more, health issues, job issues, money, family, friends.....those are the reasons most of us have been away.

Life takes many different twists and turns (preaching to the converted here!) The fact that there were those among us who felt so aggrieved by the problems, actually shows us their personal investment in this place. When we thought it was under attack, alot of us stood up to shout and hopefully be heard. Yeah I know its just the internet......... but Moblog is'nt, it's something else.

I'll be honest, there was I time when even I thought Moblog was in its deathroes (check the spelling ?)but actually its starting to re-emerge with experience, knowledge, a fresh look and of course (fingers crossed...... A Great Developer!!!!!!)

So, to each and every one of you, I sincerely wish you a happy, healthy, prosperous, rich, rewarding, interesting and wonderful 2010.

Lou X X X
31st Dec 2009, 20:37  

Caine says:

Lovely shots. Happy New Year to you and yours!

31st Dec 2009, 22:13

MaggieD says:

SLG ,,,, Thank you for this, I am one of the 'Old Guard' ,,,,,, I joined Moblog way back in 2006 because I was so impressed by the support the site gave to Alex (neutropenicalex) the son of a very good friend of mine ...... Alex died on the 3rd January 2007 ,,,,, I stayed because I loved the vibe and the supportive nature of the Moblog community .... yes, things have changed, people, myself included, have drifted away, for many reasons ..... I hope to be a little more active next year, if I am not it is not because I have any real negative feelings about Moblog, it is just that I have a lot of other stuff going on ....

31st Dec 2009, 22:14

cariadus says:

Excellent words and lovely pics.
Happy New Year to you all.

31st Dec 2009, 22:18

Dhamaka says:

and HNY to you too

1st Jan 2010, 09:03

SLG says:

Thanks all of you :-)

Maggie I always think of Alex and his family too particularly at this time of year.

1st Jan 2010, 13:15

shitake says:

Fantastic set,Lou! And thank you for so great words! Have a Joyful Superb Happy New Year! : )
href="" target=_blank>

1st Jan 2010, 19:23

SLG says:

Thank you Shitake

1st Jan 2010, 19:30

shitake says:

My pleasure. : )

1st Jan 2010, 19:33

SLG says:


1st Jan 2010, 19:35

FilbertFox says:

Lovely words me dear.

I have been guilty of not paying much attention to moblog in 2009, life has quite literally been a pain in the arse!

2010 has started with increased pain in the arse so far. But looking on the bright side, I may be made redundant soon and will have more time to spend online with you nice folk!

A happy new year to one and all!

3rd Jan 2010, 12:19

SLG says:

Thanks FF, sorry to hear you are in so much pain. Is being made redundant good for you ?

I havent been around here as much, still I have been orderd to seriously rest for a while or face the consequences :o so I maky be a more frequent visitor again .

Hope you are feeling better soon.

3rd Jan 2010, 12:23

FilbertFox says:

At the momemt the atmosphere at work is awful we have known for best part of a year that redundancies are being made, and for a couple of months that we will be losing 2 out of 10 of my immediate group of colleagues, but we don't know as yet what will happen.

I do have a damn good CV really for someone paid as little as I earn, but cut backs are being made across the board in science and education so the chance of getting another job is remote. And as I am still undergoing treatment for my leg/arse I will find it bloody difficult to just walk (or maybe hop) into a new job.

But th bright side is more time to play!!

3rd Jan 2010, 12:46

CandyMan says:

I missed this SLG.

*Moved.. x

3rd Jan 2010, 13:00

Twiglet says:

Also missed this


Good words though Lou!

3rd Jan 2010, 13:03

SLG says:

Well More time to play is good and I'll hopefully be around to play :-)

Thanks CM :-)

3rd Jan 2010, 13:05

SLG says:

Thanks Twigs, dont be ashamed, I'm the one who should be ashamed I've missed so much here.

3rd Jan 2010, 13:35

PrincessJun says:

Happy New Year to you too - and great words - ooo and also love that second shot! :)

3rd Jan 2010, 16:39

Craft says:


You named me

*Makes acceptance speech...

I'd like to thank the Roman Catholic church without whose rhythm method I wouldn't be here today.... : )

4th Jan 2010, 18:47

queserasara says:

Oh I feel bad as I missed this - guess although not one of the "old guard" I am one of those who has had to concentrate on real world for a lot of 2009 & it really was a challenging year for many people :-(

A late Happy New Year to you SLG, 540 & all the family. Two of many people I'm pleased to now count as friends because of moblog. QSSx

15th Jan 2010, 08:43

SLG says:

Thanks QSS the feeling is mutual.

15th Jan 2010, 16:41

swamprose says:

just came across this now, and yes, things are not the same at all. I miss people very much, but like me, there are other places we travel now. I still post because it's my home, my diary. Hope you're having a great spring, slg, with lots of sun, big and little kids on their bikes, and good times.

1st Apr 2010, 14:36