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SEO Contest - Is it Worth it Participating?

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Before I go on a rant on the pros and cons of SEO competitions I feel I need to explain what an SEO competition is?

So first thing first. SEO competition is competition among webmasters (people making a living by building and optimizing websites that are commercial by nature to show up in the search engines for the product/services they sell).

So by definition SEO is a very competitive sport. Thus only the smartest and brightest take part in SEO Competitions. I need to add that usually the competitions are local (limited to the people who speak specific language).

For instance right now there is a SEO competition going on in Bulgaria and the keyword is ??????? (which is laptops read backwards in Bulgarian). It means that only people who speak/read/write in this language can participate.

That's not the case with SEO contests in English. They are obviously open to people from all over the world since English is the official webmaster language.

Now, when we know what SEO contest is we need to know the rules. As a matter of fact they are pretty simple.

The people who administer the contest come up with a word that hasn't existed until this moment and with 0 results in the search engines (Google usually). For instance the Bulgarian SEO Contest started on October, 1st 2009 and the word the participants have to optimize their websites for is ???????.

On October, 1st there if you typed in ??????? in there would be no results (0 results). In 6 months on April 1st at midnight the administrators of the contest will type it in and the website that will come up first will be the winner.

The big prize is a serious amount but money is not what make people participate. It is more about fame and recognition and of course job offers. In the case of the Bulgarian SEO contest it is about $4000 – pretty impressive of you ask me.

Usually the sponsors of the contests are companies with online businesses who want to improve their positions in the search engines.

One of the conditions to participate is to link to the contest sponsor from your website. And because Google determines the ranking of the websites based on the incoming links to them (primarily) most often than not the contest sponsors are able to climb up in the rankings.

So is it worth it taking part in such contests? As I already said they are very competitive in their nature. It makes a lot of people who do SEO for a living to tune them out.

They think they have no chance to win or don't have the time to participate. I admit, these are pretty good excuses. All they say is they are afraid of failure.

In my opinion anyone should participate – from the newbies to the pros. Why – because it is a great way to learn the latest in SEO. You don't need to read book after book on SEO. All you need to do is see what the best do and do the same.

I can tell you this from my own experience. I literally learnt a lot of things SEO related by taking part in such a competition and keep in mind that it is has been only 3 months since it started.

However I have used what I learnt and applies it to my websites in other niches and I see great results – my earnings are going up.

As of now I am N9 in the SEO contest I participate in, but my websites in other niches are climbing up in the search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo). So the time I have invested in the SEO contest is everything but wasted.

In this blog I will be talking what I know about SEO and what I have learnt. To be continued...

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Viv says:

lovely image :)

20th Dec 2009, 16:55