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I am a model. At the moment I am Marshal Ney from the Airfix Napoleonic Wars gift set..

We really do live in Skaro!

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Something like hope

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Dazzle_Dust drove a snow plough out of the Medway towns today to keep her appointment at King's College Hospital, a follow up appointment to the biopsy taken on Monday.

Brain tumours are graded 1-4, the 3s & 4s are the scariest. Dazzle_Dust has a grade 2 brain tumour and will be seeing an Oncologist next month.

We know it's still serious but it's not the worst possible news. I never thought I would be relieved to hear that someone I love has a grade 2 brain tumour. Funny how life turns out. Thanks for all your support mobloggers!

(She didn't really drive a snow plough, she's not allowed to drive any more....Her Dad did!)

Spidermonkey says:

That is good news (in context!), and a good job someone had a snow plough handy at least. Still wishing you all all the best. Thanks for letting us know too.

18th Dec 2009, 17:46

Anonymous says:

Yep, a 2's definitely a good hand in that game. All the bestest to the karate queen.

18th Dec 2009, 18:21

hildegard says:

Dangnabbit, logged myself out again.

18th Dec 2009, 18:22

EJ says:

This IS good news, relative to what it could have been.
Sending all of you love and strength x

18th Dec 2009, 19:51

MaggieD says:

Love and hugs from me ...... keep kicking ass, Dazzle Dust :)

18th Dec 2009, 21:16

paintist says:

numbers are funny things.... 2 is a good one:-)

18th Dec 2009, 21:46

Caine says:

Brave news!

18th Dec 2009, 23:37

Twiglet says:

Thanks you all.

We are so relieved the news was no worse.

*Karate Queen* I like it!

19th Dec 2009, 09:40

Bro A says:

You said it, sis, we are strangely glad for the number two. Best wishes to all from the f-f-f-frozen north!

19th Dec 2009, 19:44

Twiglet says:

Well it's hardly bleedin' tropical here, surely you heard Gatwick was closed... When I was promised eight inches on Thursday night I was hopeful of something other than a sodding blizzard! : D

19th Dec 2009, 19:48

Bro A says:

Ha! So cold here that all that's on offer is two peas and a maggot.

19th Dec 2009, 20:23

cariadus says:

Glad it was good news of sorts.
Lucky to be able to go in a snow plough!
Can her dad fix it for me to go in one? :)

19th Dec 2009, 21:39

Dazzle_Dust says:

Hey everyone, sorry haven't been around, been a hectic couple of days!!!!

Thanks for all the comments, its certainly made Christmas look more relaxing and calm, which for the first time since March, I'm looking forward too. :) xxx

20th Dec 2009, 11:39