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The metaphorical
however intimately
with the literal
is still

inside me

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In my Irigaray class - grade was based solely on my final paper - and
yes, this was the class with Elizabeth Grosz. Did I mention that I
want to be just like her when I grow up? Well, I do.

Words cannot express my joy, but this pic comes close. :)
18th Dec 2009, 03:00  


Caine says:

Hurrah! Congratulations, Lyz! That is great news.

18th Dec 2009, 03:02

Spiderbaby says:

Wooooo! Excellent :) Very well done you.

18th Dec 2009, 03:03

Lyzardly says:

Caine - Thanks! It is excellent news - I can't stop smiling.

Spiderbaby - Thank you. I'm proud of my work on this one, especially considering I decided to take issue with my professor's published opinions in a couple of areas. :)

18th Dec 2009, 04:14

Lyzardly says:

Ooh - and thanks for the HL!

18th Dec 2009, 04:17

taniwha says:

All aglow. Elizabeth Grosz - so Lacan? That's mind scrambling stuff.

18th Dec 2009, 08:16

Orbit says:

many congratulations

18th Dec 2009, 11:03

Jane Doe says:

Well done. Nice to see bravery getting rewarded. Would love to read your paper...

18th Dec 2009, 12:38

Lyzardly says:

~R~ Thanks!

taniwha - The class was actually on Luce Irigaray, so there was a little Lacan for background but it was mostly Irigaray. Last semester I took a Derrida class from her - I loved it, but my head was scrambled for awhile.

Orbit - Thank you.

JD - Read my paper? Can't I just send you something less revealing, like a picture of myself naked? ;) I'll email it to you.

18th Dec 2009, 14:51

Jane Doe says:

Thank you! If you are interested in the broad topic of women and religion, I recommend Walking on the Water: Women Talk about Spirituality by Jo Garcia and Sara Maitland. It's a bit dated (Virago, 1984) but an interesting anthology of essays and creative pieces. Just the thing for a bit of relaxing reading when you have a spare moment. Joke ; )

18th Dec 2009, 16:59

morningbear says:

congratulations :)

19th Dec 2009, 07:06

Helen says:

Woo! Well deserved : )

20th Dec 2009, 22:52

hildegard says:

Heh, now that's a nice early christmas treat. Congratulations! :)

22nd Dec 2009, 00:24