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How Does Homeopathy Work?

The Story of Bottled Water

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December 17th - Topiary is for life, not just for xmas.


Spiderbaby says:

Let's hope this little chap is still appreciated after the lights come off :)

18th Dec 2009, 03:10

Factotum says:

In the thumbnail, it looks like a mushroom cloud....

18th Dec 2009, 03:37

Lyzardly says:

Thank you Factotum, for saying it first. :)

18th Dec 2009, 04:10

taniwha says:

That's what I thought Facto - this year all presents will be ... the apocalypse.

18th Dec 2009, 08:18

hildegard says:

Dear me, spot the Cold War babies! There was me thinking it was cute, & the clipping such a sensible approach to finding leylandii in one's garden...

At least Spiderbaby isn't going MAD. ;)

18th Dec 2009, 12:12

Jane Doe says:

Great title : )
Edit: I saw a jellyfish. Trust me to think laterally

18th Dec 2009, 12:35

Viv says:

:) cute

18th Dec 2009, 16:46

Spidermonkey says:

That's a relief! I was beginning to wonder...

18th Dec 2009, 19:08

hildegard says:

Jellyfish, JD? Ok, that's enough hermeneutics for you. Step away from the Heidegger NOW - it's not going to become a jellyfish, no matter how often you thusly describe it.

Glad someone else saw teh Cute of my Magic Faraway Christmas Tree.

Spidermonkey - haven't been a practising therapist in years & really haven't kept up with that ridiculous comicbook, the DSM; so technically at least, I could be wrong.

18th Dec 2009, 20:31

MaggieD says:

I thought mushroom at first, but then again it could be an early Beatles Mop .....

18th Dec 2009, 21:02

hildegard says:

Cnidaria, atomic weapons, professional scousers - is this wilful obtusity?

18th Dec 2009, 21:28

Spidermonkey says:

I trust you :)

19th Dec 2009, 17:40

Earthlad says:

Oh this is lovely, and good luck with it

22nd Dec 2009, 20:58

hildegard says:

It's not mine - just spotted in passing...

22nd Dec 2009, 21:36