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I am a model. At the moment I am Marshal Ney from the Airfix Napoleonic Wars gift set..

We really do live in Skaro!

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Sunrise for Dazzle_Dust

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*There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.*

Bern Williams

This was how the sunrise looked from my roof terrace this morning. Dazzle_Dust has been staying since Friday. This evening while we were at Bro J's she got a phone call asking her to go in to hospital right away for the biopsy tomorrow. The news so far has not been great, let's hope things get no worse.

rhys says:

Indeed. Best wishes.

13th Dec 2009, 19:22

BelovedSpaceman says:

I think I might have to nick the middle one for a desktop.

Lets see what happens.

13th Dec 2009, 19:31

EJ says:

Hoping you get some better news x

13th Dec 2009, 19:59

EJ says:

btw beautiful shots

13th Dec 2009, 19:59

cariadus says:

Hoping for the best. Fingers and toes crossed.
Wonderful photos.

13th Dec 2009, 22:07

Caine says:

Stunning shots, Twiglet. All my best hopes to DD and all of you.

14th Dec 2009, 01:59

Twiglet says:

Thanks rhys, BS, EJ,cariadus and Caine. And thanks for the H/L... It will make Dazzle_Dust smile : )

14th Dec 2009, 07:01

paintist says:

very special best wishes for DD......

these photos from Skaro are amazing....alien skys.... :-)

14th Dec 2009, 09:08

Twiglet says:

Thanks for your good wishes paintist, Dazzle_Dust is having the biopsy right about now..

The sunrise was wonderful again this morning. We are very lucky with our views here.

14th Dec 2009, 10:06

Viv says:

Oh dazzling pictures...

really hoping x

14th Dec 2009, 10:42

Bro A says:

Superb pictures-dazzling skies for Dazzle_Dust. Sorry I missed you last eve, hope all goes well today, xx.

14th Dec 2009, 11:56

Euphro says:

Wonderful dreamy light :)

14th Dec 2009, 15:16

Spidermonkey says:

Everything is crossed for you here. Beautiful shots and a good words too. x

14th Dec 2009, 17:16

MaggieD says:

Just catching up with this .... much love and positive vibes to Dazzle Dust and all her family and friends .... beautiful pics ...

14th Dec 2009, 18:05

Twiglet says:

Thanks Viv, Bro A, Euphro, spiderm and MaggieD.

DDust is sitting up in bed and screaming for food. No results for a few days though.

Bro A: Bro J will phone you in a minute.

14th Dec 2009, 18:58

MaggieD says:

Keeping my eye on this (as much as I can without getting too crossed eyed with eye keeping elsewhere), keeping my fingers crossed and sending lots of love and positive vibes to you all ......

14th Dec 2009, 19:30

Lyzardly says:

Adding my positive vibes and warm wishes to the stack.

The photos are lovely.

16th Dec 2009, 03:27

Twiglet says:

Thanks MaggieD and Lyzardly. x

DDust is coming out of hospital today but returning for the results on Friday. We don't expect to hear good news like *it's OK there's nothing there after all* but we are hoping that it will be manageable with a good chance of a complete recovery. Thanks all for your good wishes, I know she's getting a fair amount of support on facebook too.... But I don't go there...

16th Dec 2009, 08:35

paintist says:

thats reassuring news so far, and I hope that the news on friday will make everyone less fearful.

16th Dec 2009, 08:40

Dazzle_Dust says:

Hey all! Thanks for the lovely comments of support. Got home about an hour ago, straight online after the blackout for 3 days!

My beloved Aunt does take some cracking shots, and these are beautiful.

I'm very tired but otherwise not too bad. Going shopping tomorrow for head scarfs and other such needed things.

Thanks again for the lovely comments. xxx

16th Dec 2009, 17:52

Twiglet says:

Sorry I couldn't call or even return your Boyf's text yesterday but aunt J and I toasted you in Bailey's and I'll speak to you later sweetheart. <3

17th Dec 2009, 06:55