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Still a third-world country . . .

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. . . . just pretending it's entered the technological age but failing miserably to convince.

This is the M50 Dublin, at a complete standstill (as has been the norm ever since it's been in existance) because a man and his donkey have broken down five miles up ahead.

Can (and does) happen anywhere, you might say, M25 London isn't exactly a driver's dream, nor say the A2 out of Amsterdam. Difference is, when something breaks down there they CLEAR IT OUT OF THE WAY.

(not the biggest fan of Ireland any more, not since "you know what" happened last year)
10th Dec 2009, 18:46  


Wendle says:

I don't drive, but i can tell you that the M25 is a hitchhiker's nightmare!

10th Dec 2009, 19:28

minushabens says:

want to try an italian highway? ;)

10th Dec 2009, 20:58

Caine says:

Ugh, that sounds a miserable time.

13th Dec 2009, 00:14

Jonester says:

I thought after 'you know what' and the Garda lynch mob Ireland was a big no no?
The M50 what a total screw up,but best of it is you actualy have to pay to use it! only in Ireland

14th Dec 2009, 06:49

JokerXL says:

Nah, dey don't scare me.
Just don't like it there any more.
Go there about once a month, on average.

14th Dec 2009, 14:16