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We has baked cookies!

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No way they're gonna last till Xmas, a week maybe, tops.
6th Dec 2009, 14:58  


Wendle says:

Very nice and very fancy looking!

6th Dec 2009, 15:00

Viv says:

very colourful

6th Dec 2009, 15:02

JokerXL says:

They taste very colourful too.

So, how come I'm getting adverts on my page? I'm not a subscriber any more?

6th Dec 2009, 15:54

Jonester says:

Right out of Wonkas factory !!

6th Dec 2009, 16:58

paintist says:

they look so pretty :-)

6th Dec 2009, 17:23

JokerXL says:

Busy like you wouldn't believe T, all sorts of clever stuff happening round here at the moment.
Having a "day off" today, well, not completely, we spent most of the morning preparing for next weekend.

6th Dec 2009, 18:32

Robina says:

Do you do cookie deliveries Mr Rufty-Tufty?

6th Dec 2009, 18:35

JokerXL says:

Don't think I can guarantee there'd be any left in the tin by the I got to your neck of the woods Rob.
Text me on 07528036552
Not sure where I'm going next week but would love to see you and J.
(Antwerp & Brussels tomorrow)

6th Dec 2009, 18:43

minkey says:

getting ready to do the xmas ones (alsatian recipes...nyom nyom...)

8th Dec 2009, 19:12