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by adampknave

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Co-founder of TwoHeadedCat and all around native NYer, computer tech and freelancer writer, Adam P. Knave has given in and started taking pictures of his town, as he sees it.

Which is an utterly useless damned sentence. This is a collection of images - the majority taken from the streets of NY and surrounding areas - that mean something to me.

And then sometimes, you know how it is, there are pictures that have nothing to do with anything. Cope.

I can be hunted down and found at:

The webzine I run and write for - TwoHeadedCat

My personal site - Adampknave.com

And so on.

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2nd Sep 2005, 23:35  

bronxelf says:

very nice.

2nd Sep 2005, 23:36

Steve says:

is that the detective couple?

2nd Sep 2005, 23:37

bronxelf says:

Yep. Nick and Nora Charles

2nd Sep 2005, 23:37

Steve says:

they used to snipe at each other, I liked them lots

2nd Sep 2005, 23:39

Steve says:

You have awoken a memory in me, thanks so much, I need to watch these again, they were fantastic.

2nd Sep 2005, 23:55

adampknave says:

Everyone should see them.

3rd Sep 2005, 00:42

silversmoke says:

Envy? Why?

3rd Sep 2005, 01:08

adampknave says:

uhhhh cause... well... stuff. And things.

3rd Sep 2005, 01:10

silversmoke says:

Oh, sure. I'll get right on the envy. Um. In a minute. After I nap. Gotta rest up for all that ENVY.

3rd Sep 2005, 01:19

Steve says:

I have envy right now

3rd Sep 2005, 01:20

VenusInFurs says:

ah shit! I want that set! And I am not much of a fan/believer in owning movies. I haven't enough room/space to store things like that, but Myrna and William, swoon! I love thems.

3rd Sep 2005, 13:32

Steve says:

I wanted to live that life...... in fact I still do

3rd Sep 2005, 13:33

adampknave says:

Venus: What's great is that it is like 40 bucks (dvdempire.com) and each one alone is like 15. It is so very worth the money. If it's space, you buy it, buy a CD case and just put the discs in it, who needs the packaging, right?

Steve: Get drinking, then.

3rd Sep 2005, 13:35

Steve says:

I got that bit covered..... just need to get in Martinis

3rd Sep 2005, 13:36

adampknave says:

And buy a dog.

3rd Sep 2005, 13:36

Steve says:

And get a cool wife who is cute as a button yet sharp as steel

3rd Sep 2005, 13:40