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Hello World from the lab!

Part spider - part lab monkey, will do science for cash, strawberries, or for a place to be that's out of the rain (but preferably for cash).

The rest of what I get up to goes into the Tunnel of Goats :)

Urgent Science Stuff:

Please help reform English libel law
Current UK libel laws are very bad for science and free speech.

Cool science stuff:

RCSB Protein data bank: Molecule of the Month in alphabetical order

The PCR Song It's the little things that keep you going...

NCBI's Entrez Gene My favourite starting point for finding out what is known about any gene of interest.

NCBI's PubMed Where to go to find pretty much all research published in the last 30 years or so (may go back a lot further now). All newly published research is quickly added to the site.

The Genetic Code - table of the DNA/RNA triplet codes for amino acids. This is how DNA codes for protein.

Another PCR song Disco frenzy :)

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After 6 days a very few tiny, tiny colonies have appeared on my plates. I don't trust them. Cells transformed with control plasmids produced really good colonies overnight so however these ones are resisting the antibiotic, I suspect, is not down to me. I will test them next week, but for now I'll carry on with the re-do I'm nearly at the end of.

A new protein modelling program for me to learn how to use, and hopefully use to sort out all the 'improper' bond angles, side-chain clashes etc of my other favourite protein, to get it into a fit state for docking ligands into. That's the hope at least. How far can I get without having to really, really get into the nuts and bolts of molecular dynamics? I'm hoping quite far. I have to hope. Then I have to read. A lot.

Another day, another gel, ligations set up over night again. Tomorrow will be the day of transformations and Sunday I will find out if any of this week has been worth the effort.
21st Nov 2009, 01:56