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RTW-career-gap-year kinda mission till June 2010, I think.

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Two unrelated posts joined by a tenuous musical theme. This is not planned dear readers.

After a good 2 hours in the surf, there's nothing like chasing a lizard around the beach and in the water to get a few pics.

They can swim remarkably well and must have pretty big lungs to stay beneath the water for as long as this one did.

It was maybe a metre nose to tail, with a black and white striped tail. A green and yellow body, with a long black forked tongue.

More wildlife to come I hope.
15th Nov 2009, 11:54  


Less muscles used to smile than frown. Not with emoticons I think; the typing expenditure is the same. A smiley face, however is better to receive than a frowny one any day.

18th Nov 2009, 10:51