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Spandau Ballet, Amsterdam

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Now I'm not a big fan.
But they were great.

Bought two tickets for Anja's birthday (July) coz she was a big fan in the 80's.

They really put on a top show.
Tony Hadley can sing man!
Never a note out of place, leaping around the place like a bunch of teenagers, without ever getting puffed.

The power that blew out of that stage! At one point a big bass note actually knocked the air out of your chest!
They're a lot more "Rocky" than you'd expect, Tony Hadley´s voice has got much more powerful over the years.

Gary Kemp (the third brother, Ross, couldn´t be there for some reason) was XL-ent on guitar, that typical Spandau twang.

The feller on the Sax was awesome too, multi-musical-talented bastard; percussion, guitar, keyboards and three kinds of sax.

Drummer was flinging himself all over the shop, more skins to whack at than a public schoolmaster after a particularly unruly weekend.

Great light show, sound in there is superb too, at least where we were sitting, just behind and above the mixing desk (always a good bet).

But the bassist! Martin "my man from Albert square" Kemp.
What can I say?
It was so strange seeing "that bloke off Eastenders" on a big stage like that playing great bass guitar! Like I said, I was never a big fan of Spandau but I know the Kempster from the Queen Vic and had to smile when I saw him up there doing his thing.

Talking of big smiles, they all looked like they thoroughly enjoyed themselves, especially Martin K who was grinning from ear to ear all the way through.

Well done guys, top job.
2nd Nov 2009, 00:26  


Javama says:

Worth going then!

2nd Nov 2009, 13:55

Great review...glad their return was good, rather than embarrassing

13th Nov 2009, 09:57