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All I did was take pictures...
Sy Parrish

The copyright on these photographs belongs to me.
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At last the truth can be told!
29th Oct 2009, 22:31   | tags:,,


beth says:

more mobabies!

29th Oct 2009, 22:36

Twiglet says:

Congratulations! What wonderful news!

29th Oct 2009, 22:49

Caine says:

Congratulations you two! :)

29th Oct 2009, 22:49

Viv says:

brill :)

29th Oct 2009, 23:17

Sprocket says:

YAY! Fabulous news.

29th Oct 2009, 23:27

Dhamaka NLI says:

Fantastic news. Congratulations both of you!
(Even though I have nothing to do with your normal lives, I consider myself partly responsible in which case you've just qualified me for Jewish heaven)

30th Oct 2009, 03:41

Oh, congratulations! More baby pictures, please!


30th Oct 2009, 05:04

Sprocket says:

* wonders what Jewish Heaven is like?

30th Oct 2009, 06:01

paintist says:

Oh Oh Oh !!! Congratulations.....wonderful !!!! :-)

30th Oct 2009, 07:02

mara says:

Great!Congratulations : )

30th Oct 2009, 07:10

queserasara says:

Oh wow- congratulations - Makes note for big hug tomorrow & to get more soft drinks in!!!!!

30th Oct 2009, 07:19

taniwha says:

Terrific stuff. I'm really pleased for you.

30th Oct 2009, 07:46

nige says:

Oh, WOW! That is absolutely brilliant. Congratulations!

30th Oct 2009, 08:35

COngrats to all three of you XX

30th Oct 2009, 08:38

Jane Doe says:

Great news

30th Oct 2009, 13:49

minkey says:

Jewish heaven ...hmmmm...and we like big hugs. Also have gotten use to soft drink for the past 4 months (only things that still taste right is champagne ;) but only for very special occasion)

30th Oct 2009, 19:21

MaggieD says:

Oh Wow, that is such wonderful news ..... dare I say I was sort of expecting it ;) ..... hoping to see you both tomorrow :)

30th Oct 2009, 19:21

Spiderbaby says:

And another WOW! :) That's brilliant news. Very happy for you all :)

30th Oct 2009, 22:21

harimanjaro says:

Thanks all of you, we're very happy about it too.

Dhamaka - yes, you've got a lot to answer for :)

Maggie - you were expecting it? We weren't! Quick, what are tomorrow's lottery numbers?

QSS - soft drinks for Minkey, but I'll need something stronger.

30th Oct 2009, 22:49