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RTW-career-gap-year kinda mission till June 2010, I think.

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The road to Ba'a

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The good Dr A. invited me up to Ba'a. She had some business to attend to in what amounts to the biggest town on the island. Little did I realise I was being roped in as chauffeur.

We were delayed by my forgetting of the apology mango and my international drivers licence. The apology mango was for some perceived slight. As I have more than enough I was willing to play along.

But once on the open road my (t)rusty steed really came into it's own... by overheating and springing an ominous oil leak. This was 20 minutes into the trip.

I was deposited on the side of the road, on a rude bench, beneath the shade of a very big tree and the good doctor nursed the blue patient back to town to collect her newer, more able scooter.

The small village had the usual gaggle of giggling, curious school children who came to say "Hello mister" and peer over my shoulder as I caught up on some messages, typing on my phone.

I surreptitiously tried to take a picture, but these kids are wise to camera phones it seems. Just after I took this picture the doctor arrived on her mean machine and I was once again James.

What a revelation that bike was. Brakes that stopped firm and fast, rather than spongily and lethargically. Acceleration up hill, rather than being left in the dust by the cow carts. Suspension that absorbed, rather than intensified, every single bump, pothole and rut on the road.

The simple pleasures in a travelling life.
28th Oct 2009, 07:49  


Viv says:

great kids

it is useful to have good transport :)

28th Oct 2009, 10:22

Most of the kids in Indonesia are very cool. And the bike made such a difference to that trip.

18th Nov 2009, 11:01