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RTW-career-gap-year kinda mission till June 2010, I think.

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seemingly rich and apparently famous.

I went on Dr A's "rounds" with her this morning. This was the first stop.

Mr D. is, the good doctor tells me, a rather famous author. I didn't get to meet him as there was noone home. A bit of a shame really. His house is magnificent, with an unbelievable view.

Built by Balinese craftsmen the attention to detail and care put into every aspect is evident. For instance, the downstairs outer perimeter floors are made up of pebbles set into concrete. The designs you can see are created with different shades of pebble. Around the corner there are fish and birds. Very artistic and time consuming to create. Truly blissful to walk on barefoot I tell you.

The rest of the downstairs undercover space is tiled with what could be marble. I am far too poor to tell what type of stone it is. Looks good though.

The concrete beams supporting the upstairs living area are covered in small bits of local rock. This type of rock is usually used for boundary walls in Nembrala.

Finally upstairs appears to be all made of wood. The floor and walls look to be, the roof possibly tiled. I am hoping sustainably farmed wood was used. Am sure it would be.

Unlike some of the homes I have seen in holiday destinations around the world this one is aesthetically pleasing and tastefully done. Lavish and opulent fit in there too.

That dear readers, is just the outside I saw. One wonders what wonders one would encounter wandering around upstairs.

Now I need a Monty Pythonesque voiceover saying "I'm awfully sorry, that was terribly silly" or something to that effect. You can tell I have not been for a surf, I become somewhat inane.

Dr A. is good fun, but I don't practice enough Indonesian. With her and Dr O's fluent English I have become lazy. It'll come around to haunt me, this period of learning I could've used.

In my defence, I am planning my remaining month here in Indonesia with military precision.
25th Oct 2009, 07:57  


Viv says:

looks wonderful

25th Oct 2009, 10:25

Ta Viv, looked pretty good to me too! Something to aspire to I guess.
LOL ~R~, flattery gets you everywhere. Please feel free to share your wanderings or wonderings, whichever may be the most apt.

25th Oct 2009, 23:48