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RTW-career-gap-year kinda mission till June 2010, I think.

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It's flat again today. 4 days without a wave. Time to find another way of passing the time...

The reef outside where I am staying is exposped at low tide. After a massive lie in till 0800 this morning I had a quick bite to eat. Then a wander on the reef was in order. Filling the daylight hours as best I can.

Looking at this character, I now know why reef boots are so important. Those spines are pretty long...

This urchin is actually underwater. He or she (how does one sex a sea urchin?) had a good spot. Under an outcrop of rock, so shaded from the worst of the sun. The water is so clear it doesn't show up much on the photo.

Photography in the tropics is a curious art. After dawn, or before dusk, the blinding light of the sun complicates taking a decent picture. Overexposure am any reflective surface a big issue.

Tomorrow I might, if you are all really well behaved, post the tiga bintang laut picture I took. Having had tiga bintang besar bir I think it's great.

I suspect the cold light of day, not to mention sobriety, might change my view of that shot.
23rd Oct 2009, 14:51  


Ooops, think I may have bigged it up a little now. It's nothing exceptional, but having had a good meal and a few too many beers, I thought it looked better than it did. Will try post.

24th Oct 2009, 02:27