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The Caption competition is no longer a competition...

but the blog is still here and you are welcome to post just for fun,

so if you have a picture that might stimulate a humorous remark, then please post and see if it attracts comments...

To post a picture you need to join the group, (a good idea anyway as the group can then be accessed from your dashboard) then post to ... caption(at)moblog(dot)net

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Caption Competition

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Moblog's first official caption competition has arrived!

Rules and details on how to enter can be found to the left. Be sure to read the deadlines carefully and get your photos and captions in by the correct deadlines.

Good luck!

Posted by rhys

8th Oct 2009, 21:58   | tags:

bethmadethis says:

let's do this thing..

12th Oct 2009, 21:21

Dhamaka says:

cap this!


13th Oct 2009, 03:24

billion says:

is this a contest to see who can be the most witty? bring it on!

*flexes wit muscles...

13th Oct 2009, 16:05

nige says:

Big up Rhys & the gang for organising this.

13th Oct 2009, 16:39

billion says:

*bigs up rhys and gang

13th Oct 2009, 16:42

rhys says:

Some good entries in the first 24 hours! Keep up the good work guys!

13th Oct 2009, 18:42

Wendle says:

This is such a brilliant idea! I wish i could be witty on demand, but even my puns are accidental.

13th Oct 2009, 18:48

billion says:

c'mon wendle, let's have a good old fashioned wit-off!

13th Oct 2009, 20:14

Wendle says:

I have given it my best attempts so far... a couple of the photos are niggling at me; i have ideas for captions, but can't really word them... bah!

13th Oct 2009, 20:47

beth says:

this is my favourite so far - "No matter how much you beg, you can't borrow a light saber" i almost laugh out loud.

14th Oct 2009, 22:24

billion says:

more pictures! more pictures!

*jumps up and down

23rd Oct 2009, 11:41