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I'm a British mathematician, been in the Netherlands for 35 years ("chercher la femme"). Recently became a double proud grandfather. Have a compulsion, but it's not secret, to want to correct miscarriages of justice involving abuse of science, see Dhamaka's plea

THE 9-11 was my 50th birthday. That's why I use it in my internet name, but English fashion, 11-9. The other part is my surname.

No-one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition

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This and 15 more just posted in my facebook page gill1109.

Sigh... when will they make it easy to post from iPhoto (on Mac) to moblog? It is also so tricky to post from my iPhone. I have something called ShoZu which should do the job, but it seems not to work.
4th Oct 2009, 14:03  


JokerXL says:

You can eat that?
You sure?
Do you live near to a hospital?

4th Oct 2009, 16:09

gill1109 says:

you can eat the dark brown one, its an edible bolete. not sure exactly which kind, there are rather a lot of them.

in fact i did eat four yesterday, delicious, and I'm still here to tell the tale.

you should keep away from the red ones with white spots! and if the white flesh of a bolete colours blue when you break it, keep away too, it's a satan's boletus. (you can eat witch's bolete, curious)

5th Oct 2009, 09:35

JokerXL says:

Sounds a bit like russian roulette to me!

5th Oct 2009, 18:19

gill1109 says:

My wife is experienced in Dutch edible fungi, taught by her father. Actually in Europe, many more people know about these things than in the UK. I think that's because industrialization was so early in England. People have lost contact with country life.

5th Oct 2009, 19:18