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We bloggers like a good quote, don't we?

This group is for your favourite quotations, and i'm not just talking about things you read in Bartlett's. It could be an inspirational excerpt from an ancient text; a memorable line from a movie; advice an old school teacher gave that stuck with you. It can even be something you overheard at the bus stop this morning.

Add a poignant photo to accompany your quote.

If you tag the posts, perhaps we can build up a searchable bank of our own favourite words, phrases, quotations...

You get the picture. Join the group and get quoting. You can quote me on that.

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Give Pasta A Chance

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Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

September 30th

"Our Pasta, who "Arghh" in heaven,
Swallowed be thy shame.
Thy Pasta Pirate come.
Thy Sauce be yum,
On top some grated Parmesan.
Give us this day our garlic bread.
And give us our cutlasses, As we swashbuckle, splice the main-brace and cuss.
And lead us into temptation,
But deliver us some Pizza.
For thine are Meatballs, and the beer, and the strippers, for ever and ever." -RAmen.

- Or -

"Our pasta, who art in a colander,
Draining be your noodles.
Thy noodle come,
Thy sauce be yum,
On top some grated parmesan.
Give us this day our garlic bread,
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive those who trample on our lawns.
And lead us not into vegetarianism, but deliver us some pizza,
For thine is the meatball, the noodle, and the sauce, forever and ever." -RAmen.

Posted by Caine

29th Sep 2009, 09:27  


billion says:

as an adherent of the "turtles all the way down" view of the universe I take exception to your heretical worship of a false idol!

29th Sep 2009, 09:51

Caine says:

Oh, I'm not a Pastafarian, I have a turtle tattooed on my wrist! I do find Pastafarians to be good people, and can generally give you a damn fine meal. :D At any rate, being a heretic is fun.

29th Sep 2009, 09:56

billion says:

so pastafarians don't mind eating the very thing they worship? cool. I think I'll worship risotto.

29th Sep 2009, 10:00

Twiglet says:

Blasphemy! But I like it... : )

29th Sep 2009, 10:01

Caine says:

Billion, it's right and proper to worship FSM by eating spaghetti and meatballs. And any other type of pasta. And pizza. And drink beer of course. :D

Twiglet, today's the day for it. :D

29th Sep 2009, 10:04

nige says:

I believe Crickson is a devout pastafarian.

29th Sep 2009, 10:05

Caine says:

Yes, he is touched by His Noodly Appendage. I confess to having my moments when faced with a delicious plate of spaghetti. Praise and pass the Pasta.

29th Sep 2009, 10:18

Caine says:

Mmm, yes. Elf (Bronxelf) is the resident Twinkie expert. She has a genuine Twinkie pan and makes them herself.

29th Sep 2009, 10:48

Caine says:

Thanks, AF! It's a take from the classic FSM and Adam. (You can see that on the banner at the Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster.)

29th Sep 2009, 10:52

billion says:

oh. just checked your link above - didn't realise it was international blasphemy day. interesting that the date was set to commemorate the publishing of the mohammed cartoons. I think that bloke I met on a beach in sweden has inadvertantly started something rather major...

29th Sep 2009, 11:26

Caine says:

No doubt. :)

29th Sep 2009, 19:04

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