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this is a journey into sound and colour streetart, graffiti, yarnbomb, stickers, stencils, bristol


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I'm a photographer not a terrorist

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- uploaded by ShoZu thanks

1 please visit to kno where you stand

2 Police horse eats mans head. Fresh local and convenient

3 officer doolittle . With kind permission. This horse was their smallest. But seemed large to me. ( it kept moving away from me) Why i had to ask her if them flashing tag's on her shoes ment she had to be back by certain time i dont kno.

4 cat eats cat. head 1st

5 my camera never lies;=S_zYM6uEimU≷=GB :-)

rhys says:

What is with all the Police horses in Bristol at the moment? There was 3 outside the Marriot the other day and I've seen several more trotting around during the day.

26th Sep 2009, 19:28

Earthlad says:

Not sure rhys but its the weekend and there are always half a dozen or so wandering around the centre of bristol. Their stables only by cumberland basin so not far to go.

26th Sep 2009, 19:48

Earthlad says:

Ok where do i stand. The top pic is it copywrite ? as the site says you can download it and share on your site. The addy is there for people to follow to the site. Cant find the contact us button on the site yet but will do.
Its serious issue in the uk (been stopped myself) etc.
i was also having a little fun. So far 20web sites just flagged me. oops i'm in trouble for posting the top pic. i would have thought the bottom pic which is only posted on two sites that seam ok with it and . This makes me lol even more ppl.

26th Sep 2009, 20:25

nige says:

I have to say, I like the whole "not a crime" capaign, but I wonder how much of a problem it really is in the UK and abroad. I'd be very interested to know, percentage-wise, how many folk get hassled by police / security etc for actually taking pictures, and how that compares to, say, pre 9/11 figures. Bearing in mind that digital cameras are in abundance these days, my bet is that the ratio of people getting hounded by police is no greater than it always has been.

My experience is tainted by the fact that I have never been stopped by the police for taking photographs. I've been questioned by various security people before, but I have a tendency to placate them and just keep snapping.

26th Sep 2009, 20:36

Earthlad says:

Hi nige i would have thought if people get stopped under the terrorism act thats all it will say. Not maybe what they exactly were doing ? How many charged or not. to help statistics.

I've learnt most new developments are private and can cause trouble. Bristol has new shopping mall which does not allow people to video or take pics (link below) lol

As i've been out and about and stopped an arrested by police and truly scared by them. Not for being guilty but by their shear brute force of not accepting i wasn't doing anything illegal and not telling me what i'd done. No doubt i'll get my phone and mem stick back in 3 months totally flashed and empty and no charges again. I would like to add The "no were not giving you a ticket (as proof) but we'll be intouch" does not sit well with me.

Its a very fine balance i think

26th Sep 2009, 22:04