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This is my last post to Moblog.
I?ve been here over 3 years, and have had many adventures and met many
interesting and lovely people along the way, but it is time for me, the
perennial Hobo, to move on.
There are still Moblogs I?ll be watching, and possibly commenting on, and I
hope this particular blog doesn?t get deleted, but it won?t be going any
For those who wish to keep up with the trials and tribulations of the Hobo
family, I?ve set up a flickr account under the familiar parabolichobo name
For friends on facebook I?m easily found,
but I?ll warn you, you have to be a real friend to survive on there!
Some of you have my email address, some have my mobile number, please keep
them safe, I might need reminding of them sometime!
I sincerely hope things work out here, but for the sake of posting a few
photos, there?s way too much internal politics going on, and ?attitude? is
no substitute for substance; activity no substitute for action.
God Bless, thanks to my friend Tedster for bringing me here (then buggering
off and leaving me to it), and thanks to Alex Savile for keeping me here and
linking me to so many good people. Keep smiling, my friend x

8th Sep 2009, 11:43  


beth says:

Well, I think that is a shame.

8th Sep 2009, 12:10

Factotum says:

I hope your peregrinations bring you back to Moblog soon. Happy wandering.

8th Sep 2009, 12:11

Viv says:

sorry you've made this decision
a lot of work is going on
we really are hopeful that we will turn everything round and that the future is bright

stuff happens as they say
if it's not worth it to you then that's as it is
but your blog will be here... :)

good luck

8th Sep 2009, 12:34

mara says:

I'm so sorry, no other words, really sorry.
I haven't a flickr account neither a facebook (don't ask me why, I don't know) but never say never....
All the best to you and your lovely family.

8th Sep 2009, 13:01

billion says:

wow. what a shame. gutted. but good luck...

8th Sep 2009, 13:23

harimanjaro says:

I'll find you over on Flickr, then. I hope you might start posting here again one day, though. There's going to be a big Hobo-shaped hole here.

8th Sep 2009, 16:09

Twiglet says:

Sorry to hear this Para. I shall miss your stuff.

8th Sep 2009, 16:15

Caine says:

Sorry to hear this. I hope you're happier at your new net home.

8th Sep 2009, 17:39

Wendle says:

:( I've added you on flickr, but will miss you on moblog.

8th Sep 2009, 17:58

nige says:

I'm pretty sure that quite a few of us felt the way that you do, 'hobo. I know I certainly did, which is why I decided to stay and help.

What you've said - about activity being no substitute for action - sounds good, but doesn't mean anything, especially when your action has been to pack up and leave when you could have stayed and put in some elbow grease. You are a well-liked community member by many, and to pack up and leave at this time is a certain kick in the teeth. Your choice, of course, but so very disappointing.

8th Sep 2009, 18:45

rhys says:

That is a shame. Like the other comments which have been left here, I hope you return to Moblog, but best of luck for the future.

8th Sep 2009, 19:07

Jane Doe says:

I can see where you're coming from. See you at Flickr

8th Sep 2009, 20:00

540air says:

I'm with nige about the fact that there were a few of us that felt the same way as you do, and like nige I decided to jump in and help. Timewise, it may not have been the smartest move I ever made, as I have precious little spare time. Something I'm sure you, with teh hobo clan, can totally appreciate. I stayed because I don't want to see this place fail, or fall apart.

It's a shame you feel you need to ride KJ off to pastures new, but don't be a stranger here and I'm sure there'll be plenty more games of lexulous to be had over at fb.

8th Sep 2009, 20:07

I'm not entering into any debates about this, and this has been a tough decision to make, and a comment like Nige's about my actions being a kick in the teeth just sums up why I'm going. The comment "activity is no substitute for action certainly does mean something, and what it means is that a load of people forming action groups and running round like the proverbial headless chickens hasn't actually changed anything and doesn't look like it will anytime soon. As for rolling up my sleeves and mucking in, Nige, in case you haven't noticed I have 4 children who are my No 1 priority. I have chronic ongoing health problems. I have no paid work at the moment, and I have very little technical knowledge of computer stuff. Oh, and I don't have Skype either, which excluded me from any group discussions. It's only over the past couple of months that I've had any support whatsoever from the community at large in my complaints, so don't go away pretending we were shoulder to shoulder on the barricades because we weren't. I'm afraid your comment has left a very bitter taste in my mouth Nige. To everyone else, thank you for your kind comments, and Bless you all.

8th Sep 2009, 20:24

Caine says:

I don't have skype, and I haven't been excluded from any discussions.

8th Sep 2009, 20:30

good. I'm pleased for you.

8th Sep 2009, 21:17

nige says:

It is not my intention to perturb you and I know you don't want to enter a debate. Neither do I, but I will post this anyway to preserve a record.

I don't know a single person in the new Moblog help-group (for want of a much better term) who isn't busy with other aspects of life. I have already given up a lot of time to help toward resolving the core issues of the site, at the detriment of time I should be spending on other projects so I can eat. I know this is the case for nearly everyone in the group. All it takes is a disclaimer. Most people in the group said something to the tune of "I'm really busy with X & Y, but I will give what time I can". Similarly with money, I know quite a few people who cannot afford a full subscription, so they donate where they can. I can't tell any person how they should spend their money or time, but it's worth considering that you have enough time to surf Moblog & Facebook (and play lexulous), and you can at least afford to keep Katherine Jenkins looking repleat with new shifters and the like. As Caine said above, after the first skype call, everything else has been conducted via email.

The truth is, if you wanted to help, you could. Instead you choose to be negative, and for the most part you don't even do that in a constructive manner.

Of course, you will dislike me even more for writing all of this. Talking about how people spend their money and their time, well, that's a big no-no. I'll be the fall guy if I have to, but believe me, I am not the only person who feels this way.

For what it is worth, as the Moblog personality that you are, I will be very sorry to see you go. I just wish it was your negativity leaving Moblog, and not the rest of you.

8th Sep 2009, 21:25

beth says:

Having not been part of the majority of discussions about site changes and forging forward I think it's quite unfair to say that little has and will change. You're correct in saying that all the changes might not happen soon, but what we are trying to do is keep the community together and informed about what we are doing and it's a shame that this has come under criticism from you. There are no quick fixes for a lack of money to develop or fix the site, we have to encourage new sign ups and wider community participation. We are trying to work it out the best we can with what little we have. The reason we are doing this is not because of some valiant crusade it's because I for one, would like my blog to stay around for some time to come yet and to see moblog die a sorry death would be really devastating for me. I'd be gutted to see this world we've built up over years disappear into a black hole, all these images and stories deleted. We're just doing what we can to prevent that from happening and it saddens me that our current happenings seem to be a catalyst for you leaving.

8th Sep 2009, 21:49

Right, that's it, as I've said before and I'll repeat again: My decision is not open to public debate or hectoring. I made the decision not to get involved in the new regime not because I don't believe in Moblog "the community" but because it seems fairly patent to me that the moblog community is living in a house built on sand. The bit I might have been able and did consider giving would have been costlier to me than it would have benefitted the community, honestly. I would have been more of a hindrance than a help. While I wish you all well in this endeavour, all I seem to be getting from you is "bad time for me to get involved but I did" (540) You yourself say you have to sacrifice time on other projects - frankly it doesn't inspire much confidence in me that the new team are logistically able to do what's needed. It's not a question of liking or disliking you Nige, at all, but who the hell do you think you are to tell me, a person you have never even spoken to, let alone met (despite being given the opportunity) that I spend enough time on facebook to enable me to be a moderator on moblog? Not that it's any of your business, but I had to replace the handlebars on my bike (which necessitated new brake levers and gear shifters) from drops to flats to give me a more upright and comfortable riding position due to back and hip problems, and I can assure you that every replacement part was saved for. I did have to make the odd child go hungry occasionally, but sacrifices needed to be made. At least I didn't sell any of them. My bikes are my primary mode of transport, as I've made quite public. I don't own a car, a van, a petrol-driven lawnmower, or even a big motorbike. I live simply and within my means most of the time. You be the fall guy if you have to, whatever that is supposed to mean.

8th Sep 2009, 22:02

Sorry, Beth, this was being written as your post arrived and is in no way a reaction to your words.

8th Sep 2009, 22:06

nige says:

I appreciate you have a different take on things, but I still see what you have written above as a series of excuses.

Everyone has a reason to stay away from trying to help Moblog. It's not for everyone, and that's just fine. But those who really cannot help - or do not wish to take part - at least have the decency not to be so dismissive of our efforts. It is unsupportive and takes time away from the real problems we need to deal with. In essence, I don't think you shouldn't be yet another problem that the help-group has to deal with.

As an aside, I know I was given the opportunity to meet you, but I had an existing commitment that weekend and couldn't make it. I'm sure it would have been nice to meet you, but I don't think having done so would affect my opinion on this matter.

8th Sep 2009, 22:55

Helen says:

I'm sorry to see you go. H x

8th Sep 2009, 23:11

Nige, just drop it. You made it personal with your comment. I'm not kicking anyone's teeth in, I'm just walking away, regretfully, from a situation in which I feel I have no part. As I also made clear, it's this kind of hectoring badgering attitude of a few of the moblog "team" that puts me off getting involved anyway. What are you hoping to achieve by all these comments? That I'll be converted by your insolent tone, don my green sustrans cape (lovingly handcrafted by MaggieD) and scream "By cracky you're right Nige! I do spend too much time on that filthy facebook and too much money on my crappy bike! I've seen the light! Allefuckingluia, I'll take my shirt off and fix that Moblog thing single-handed if I have to, even though I haven't got a clue where to start and I haven't had my tablets yet" You can hold as many opinions about me as you like. They're only opinions.
"In essence, I don't think you shouldn't be yet another problem that the help-group has to deal with."
aside from the nonsensical number of negatives, I'm NOT a problem for the helpgroup, I'm just removing myself from the situation. I'm going now, goodbye. Please feel free to be as bitter and spiteful as you like about that, I can assure you that I will only be taking the positive memories with me.

8th Sep 2009, 23:17

nige says:

Not at all. Point taken. Consider it dropped.

8th Sep 2009, 23:24


8th Sep 2009, 23:50

Spiderbaby says:

Oh no! I'm sorry to see you go but wish you and all the hobo's well for the future.

9th Sep 2009, 00:45

swamprose says:

I understand what you are saying, because I have had the same frustrations. I have not been your greatest commenter, but quietly, I have watched your blog, and followed your life. You have four great kids, and it has been a privilege to be part of their adventures. I bike, but nowhere as much as you, but I share the concerns you have. I will miss you, as a companion on the road. I am not a facebook person and my flickr is comatose, but I will look for you. If you ever think of posting a little something, I think you know there are lots of mobloggers, who don't always have the easy comments, but are here to cheer you on. all the best, and thank you.

9th Sep 2009, 03:18

Factotum says:

As I said before, I hope you'll be back here soon.

9th Sep 2009, 03:40

biffadigital says:

Are you leaving a forwarding address. Surely you must be going somewhere with your insight?

9th Sep 2009, 08:21

Biffa, Swamprose, Facto, Spiderbaby, and everyone else; I'm only going next door to flickr where I can post better quality images, links at the top, and I'll still be a spectator here for as long as it lasts! Again, thank you so much for your kind comments they mean a great deal. When ringleaders such as Nige (and that's a compliment, man) mount their high horses and purport to be speaking on behalf of the greater community "I'll be the fall guy if I have to, but believe me, I am not the only person who feels this way." one feels a bit trapped like a bear in a cave and the only way out is spittin' and snarlin', so it's very reassuring and very welcome to hear all your words of support and comfort. Thank you all very much indeed.

9th Sep 2009, 08:38

As a last and final thought, which is intended to be OF HELP to the new moderation team - I'm leaving publicly. It was never my intention to "take a stance" or to appear to be throwing my dummy from the pram, I did it publicly to let everyone know that for me the party was over and it's time to find a quiet corner to have a lie down, to politely say goodnight and take my leave. A HECK OF A LOT of people have left rather more privately, for the same or similar reasons, and these are the figures you should be looking at instead of one solitary hobo with a big mouth and not much to back it up with. Nige, please learn from this and be a bit more courteous with your clientele. I can say what I want, I can even fucking well swear if I want, because this is (or was) my blog, and I'm not putting myself forward as an editor, a moderator or a site manager because I know I don't have the right skills/temperament/whatever and I'll probably end up making a right hash of it. Have some respect for that, but most importantly, get some self respect.

9th Sep 2009, 12:07

540air says:

Overly harsh and uncalled for, that last sentence I think. It's not nige's fault the site isn't fixed yet, any more than it is yours, mine, or any number of other people.

9th Sep 2009, 13:07

Joe says:

I think Nige's self respect is just fine. Up until you said that, you hadn't sounded like you were throwing your dummy, now you do. I'll be sorry to see you go, I'm sorry to see any member leave, but pointlessly having a personal go at a member of the community who is trying to help, AFTER he's already said the issue is dropped, well thats just unnecessary.

9th Sep 2009, 14:02

Agreed, Joe and Paul, it was overly harsh and I'll retract that and apologise unreservedly. It didn't come out as I meant it to. The point I was trying to make (and made a hash of pretty much as predicted) is that respect for others starts with respect for one's self, or something like that, it wasn't meant to sound anywhere near as spiteful as it does. Sorry.

9th Sep 2009, 15:10

MaggieD says:

Hey, I have been away from things for some time, work and personal commitments etc (same old things, which Moblog always takes in it's stride, however long you have been gone for, you will always be welcomed back) .....

.... sorry you are leaving us, I will miss you and your lovely family, I do not do Facebook and Flicker ..... Moblog is all I do on line, and that is because of Alex ..... I can not comment on the things that have taken you away from the site, because they do not effect me, I stay because I feel that whatever may be happening management wise etc, the essence of Moblog is still here .... moblog is helping members like Dhamaka in the same way that it helped Alex .... it has a history of helping any member of the community that is in trouble ....

.... Long Live Moblog!

9th Sep 2009, 20:55

Helen says:

Oh dear.

So many people are putting so much time and energy into this thing that I can understand perfectly why they take your departure a little personally.

But really, it's your decision and I hope you find some peace from it all.

Enjoy keeping on taking those pictures and I'll look you up on Flickr.

9th Sep 2009, 21:26

crickson says:

I'm always sorry to see a community member go. All the best with whatever you do next.

9th Sep 2009, 21:53

sunni notloggedin says:

I'm sorry you're leaving; I'm sorry your goodbye post turned into drama.

I have a flickr account I might dust off; if you see kaliopi visiting, it's me. :)

9th Sep 2009, 22:55

Viv says:

didn't realise that all this drama was going on
ones choices are ones choices - I think it's sad but there it is...
like Maggie I just moblog too Face book too in your face and ficker too impersonal so hey it's goodbye unless your passing - you know how to get in touch if you are in these parts and if you don't change your email I knoe how to find you :) if I make it to Pembrokeshire - that FF will be in touch with you on facebook so may yet be another meet in Leeds.

10th Sep 2009, 00:37

Thanks Viv, I have your email address and next time we're up Yorkshire way we'll be dropping in for a brew. To be honest, it's precisely the impersonality of flickr which has enticed me - of late Moblog has become far too personal!

10th Sep 2009, 11:15

Viv says:

ah :)
was thinking it was you getting angry about the site in a way that pushed me to be thinking that you/we needed some answers

10th Sep 2009, 11:32

some answers would have been nice, and that is what prompted my departure, but the over-reaction of various people has reinforced my resolution.

11th Sep 2009, 10:10

seaneeboy says:

Cheerio pal, thanks for the three years you put in,

11th Sep 2009, 16:05

Euphro says:

Very sorry to see you go; I hope that you will come back some day.

11th Sep 2009, 22:45

Thanks Sean E Boy and Euphro, see y'around!

12th Sep 2009, 09:26

I would just like to add here, for the record, that Nige has apologised to me personally for the manner in which he conducted himself here. I have accepted his apology without reservation, and have in turn apologised for the manner in which I reacted. I don't bear grudges; there is no animosity between us, and the incident is consigned to history. I'm leaving it here as I do believe there are lessons to be learned.

13th Sep 2009, 20:06

FilbertFox says:


16th Sep 2009, 13:47

FilbertFox says:


16th Sep 2009, 13:47

FilbertFox says:

I'll say it again - bugger!

16th Sep 2009, 13:49

JokerXL says:

I'll second Filbert Fox's "Bugger"
and add my own; Bugger!

sorry to loose you Hobo, I'll catch you on FB.

Be lucky.

22nd Sep 2009, 19:51

I have recently posted a comment on a GiD post (which was drawn to my attention as it was cross-posted on facebook). Within a very short space of time this was posted in response by Rich:
"I don't honestly see why it's any of his business, seeing as it's not his blog and he flounced away from this site very publicly a few months ago.

You can't have it both ways Hobo, either shit or get off the pot."

I chose not to answer Rich's insults directly on the GiD blog because a. it wasn't anything to do with the point being made. b. it's not my blog and not my place to and c. it's shit like this which made me leave Moblog in the first place.

So, i'm not allowed to comment anywhere now I've stopped posting?
If I do it's perfectly OK for a member of the so-called moderating team to throw insults in my direction?

Rich, you've obviously sat brooding over my departure all this time. It's time to move on. Frankly your apology means nothing to me because your excuse was pathetic. I don't give a fuck what time of day you commented. First thing in the morning, last thing at night, consider the consequences of your actions.

9th Nov 2009, 12:14

harimanjaro says:

I had hoped that we'd seen the end of these unreasonable attacks on you, Hobo. Clearly we haven't, which is shameful.

9th Nov 2009, 13:57

Dhamaka says:


11th Mar 2010, 21:14


My first time here in months. Maybe the cat walked on the keyboard!

18th Sep 2010, 13:51

dookerdoo says:

Blimey, what happened here? Hope yr well para.

10th Nov 2010, 10:48