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Hiding in Plain Sight

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I am the quiet one.

After 5 years of being part of Moblog I am the one that is hiding out in the open for everyone to see. Looking at my picture history on Moblog is almost a lesson in the history of Sony Ericsson cameraphones.

My love for cameras doesn't go back only 5 years though and has never been exclusive to digital and cameraphones. When I was little my mom had an old Russian 35mm camera that I always lusted after, but my mom was a smart person and didn't let me near it. Instead she got me a little 110 cartridge film camera. I adored that camera and the pictures I took are still in my mom's photo collection.

These days I own 2 old film cameras and a Nikon D70. Of course I have the SE C902 also and it gets used very often. I barely go anywhere without some kind of camera in my hand. I love digital, but my true love is B&W; film photography. I'll never give up my film cameras. And if film ever stops being made I'll stock up on all that I can find.

My days and nights are almost totally chock full of computers and games. My job involves gaming and computers and much of my free time too. So it shouldn't surprise anyone that I'm also a games journalist. I am a gamer and I love writing, so while it may be another job, it doesn't feel like it. Technology is a passion for me and it just feel logical to be writing.

I don't write about me though. I figure that pictures say more than any of my words ever could. A look through my moblog will say better who I am than any words I could write.

I'm watching what you're creating.

Posted by Kostika

6th Sep 2009, 14:35   | tags:,

mara says:

Hi Alice in wonderland this pic is gorgeous!! I love it!

6th Sep 2009, 14:39

Kostika says:

Thank you. I hate pictures of me, but I'm very happy with this one.

6th Sep 2009, 14:48

nige says:

That portrait is a beauty!

6th Sep 2009, 14:49

Viv says:

yes - you are the quiet one
but like Bronxelf and all the previous posts another strong individual at the core of this community

and the pic is brill!

6th Sep 2009, 14:52

Caine says:

I love this shot, Kos. Good words, too.

6th Sep 2009, 17:10

paintist says:

I like this photo a lot....and its a nice to know you are watching :-)

6th Sep 2009, 17:15

Factotum says:

It's interesting to find out a bit more about you. Thanks for watching!

6th Sep 2009, 21:20

swamprose says:

nice one, watcher. keep your wings over me.

games are my guilty many lifetimes can you waste on a great game.

6th Sep 2009, 22:18

bronxelf says:

Oh hai. :)

6th Sep 2009, 22:56

Kostika says:

Swamprose - Gaming should never be a guilty pleasure, just a pleasure.

Bronxelf - Hai!

Taniwha - No I've never thought of myself as a role model.

7th Sep 2009, 12:40

jc1000000 says:

Solid as a rock.

18th Sep 2009, 01:49