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Hello from Euphro

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I'm going to follow mat's template here; after all he's the one who kicked it all off.

What kind of stuff are you likely to highlight on moblog?

Pictures that tell a story, or are visually strong. Anything that gives me that visceral kick when I see it - makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, even. It's hard to define.

Where do you live?

In the UK, north of Cambridge, with my very understanding wife and two small children.

How long have you had a Moblog?

Four years and six months.

What does Moblog mean to you?

Moblog is a very special place for me. Being a moblogger is one of the ways that I define myself, it's that important. It has shown me the power of connecting like-minded people and it gives me great hope for the future. Through Moblog I finally understood that the view of the Internet and computers as some sort of dehumanising force couldn't be farther from the truth. It's all about people and Moblog shows it to be such a warm, friendly and funny place to be. It has also enabled me to make the most wonderful new friends and to find people just as crazy about photography as I am.

What is your favourite means of taking photographs?

I'm a camera fanatic; I love them all, although I don't shoot much film any more. Phone cameras are really good now; I've got a Sony Ericsson C905, which I love. Camera-wise I have Nikon dSLRs and Canon compacts. I'm a bit of an agnostic when it comes to brands.

If you had to draw a moblog family tree, who would you be linked to
and how?

I found Moblog through a BBC News article so I don't have any Moblog "ancestors", apart from mat, of course :) I'm not sure I can claim any "descendants", although I have pointed several people to the site who later became members :)

What would you most like to happen to moblog in the future?

I hope that it continues to grow, and, that it keeps its wonderful community spirit. It is loved by a great many people who care deeply about it and want it to continue to be great. Moblog is unique in my experience and it is the people that make it that way; I definitely see it as my "home". For the future, I would say that more community involvement, of the kind that is beginning here, is the thing I would like to see most.

Posted by Euphro

4th Sep 2009, 15:35   | tags:,

nige says:

Ah, the ruggedly handsome Euphro today then! Moblog is one of the ways I define myself too; I realise that from what you have written here.

4th Sep 2009, 15:45

Viv says:

and it is all the better place for having you Euphro in so many ways

4th Sep 2009, 15:48

Euphro says:

Thanks nige :D

4th Sep 2009, 15:48

Euphro says:

Viv, you are very kind :)

4th Sep 2009, 15:53

MandyP says:

Good to see you, Mr. E - this could almost be one of your 'about to get a haircut' shots!

4th Sep 2009, 16:16

jc1000000 says:

I'm glad you call it home! I've always wondered actually, does 'Euphro' mean anything? What inspired your username?

4th Sep 2009, 18:14

swamprose says:

I depend on Euphro for botany identifications, shots of Anarctica, common household trials, joy in a great new camera buy, and his honestly postive comments. No one made me feel more welcome at first. thanks euphro!

4th Sep 2009, 19:18

Euphro says:

MandyP , yes, you are absolutely right :D I wanted to get it done today in time for my Granada trip next week, but things just got too busy :)

JC1000000 it does mean something, both semantically and personally. In terms of meaning, it's short for Euphrosyne, one of the Graces in Greek mythology (responsible for mirth). It's also a kind of butterfly, a dolphin and a saint.

The personal aspect comes from a dream I had nearly 20 years ago. I can't remember the details, but I woke up with the word Euphrosyne vividly in my head. I'd never come across it before and didn't know what it meant; however, I had this enormous sense of conviction that it was in some way important to me. I looked it up, of course, and then just held on to it, until I needed a domain name for my Demon account.

Once I became active on-line, I needed an alias (in True Names fashion: look-up Vernor Vinge) and shortened Euphrosyne to Euphro. I've used it ever since and I would say that it has turned out to be very significant for me; I relate to it just as strongly as my birth name :) The science fiction fan in me likes to think of some future me, in Gregory Benford "Timescape" fashion, somehow sending a message to the past along the lines of "this is important" :D

swamprose, you are very welcome and nothing gives me more pleasure than to be able to help, where I can; I'm delighted to think that I made you feel welcome when you first joined moblog :)

4th Sep 2009, 21:18

jc1000000 says:

I love that story - Am a big believer in the transformational power of names.

4th Sep 2009, 22:56

bronxelf says:

AmericanFriend- He really is just as kind in person. He truly is.

5th Sep 2009, 06:51

Caine says:

Hello, E. Good post. :)

5th Sep 2009, 06:54

Viv says:

absolutely second what Bronxelf said

5th Sep 2009, 22:01

points camera at E...............Smile ;)

5th Sep 2009, 22:16

queserasara says:

Now I know you better - I agree with swamprose - I am always encouraged by your positive comments & the fun you bring to a moblog meet up. Qssx

6th Sep 2009, 11:30

paintist says:

A welcoming presence the minute I joined moblog, great interview :-)

6th Sep 2009, 11:40

Euphro says:

*blushes deeply* Thank you Jc1000000, AmericanFriend, Bronxelf, Caine, Viv, SLG, queserasara and paintist. You are all extremely kind, lovely people who make participating in Moblog a joy; I'm very glad that you think I make a positive contribution :)

I'm constantly amazed, inspired and humbled by what Moblog brings, and you are some of the people whom I admire most :)

6th Sep 2009, 13:30