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Moblog is about sharing, communicating, playing with new gadgets, and above all having fun!
We love this site so much, we decided to give up some time everyday to help manage it.

Welcome to moblog news. Your community-powered site support hub.

This is one of three moderator-only moblogs, set up by the moderators for all mobloggers.

We are going to use this blog to publish all appointments, decisions and policy changes made between the moderation and site admin teams behind the scenes.

Follow this group to get updates on how the site is developing and to get an insight into what goes on to keeping the good-ship Moblog sailing!

Meet the people powering moblog at meet the mods

Meet other mobloggers in Interview52

Hooked up with any mobloggers recently? Post it in moblog meets.

Are your pictures good enough to win a competition? photography competitions.

If there is an event, appeal, point of contention or call to action which you feel is strongly relevant to the Moblog community and you would like it posted here please contact Viv or nige or any of the moderators, to broadcast your message via moblog news.

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Introducing community powered moblog

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Over the past few months, there have been issues regarding the running and maintenance of Moblog, which led to discussion across the site and within the moblog forums. We the mods, have now created this group to bring Moblog announcements, developments and discussions into one central place.

We think this is exciting and want everyone to join us, so please add 'moblog news' to your friends list, so we can keep you involved and updated with regards to the growth and development of the community and please, we need your comments or questions. The essence of moblog news is open communication.

thanks to SLG for the super image.

24th Aug 2009, 21:45  

Twiglet says:


24th Aug 2009, 21:47

Spiderbaby says:

Good stuff :) Added.

24th Aug 2009, 21:55

Hope you added us too Twiglet

24th Aug 2009, 22:03

We hope this will be the last time that we ever need to highlight something just to attract your attention!
We want to bring the news to you!
Add 'moblog news' to your friends!

24th Aug 2009, 22:13

Twiglet says:

But of course Viv. I like to think I was the first....

24th Aug 2009, 22:14


24th Aug 2009, 22:15

Dhamaka says:


24th Aug 2009, 22:15

Viv says:

Who would believe the amount of time and effort it would take to agree on the concepts, name LOL and wording for this!But hey it was fun and hopefully will continue to be so and engage everyone

24th Aug 2009, 22:23

rhys says:

Ooo... good work to all those involved. Great start.

24th Aug 2009, 22:43

cariadus says:

I love that photo, by the way, whoever's it is.

24th Aug 2009, 22:57

Viv says:

the photo is by SLG

thanks for pointing out the error of my ways in not crediting it - now amended :)

24th Aug 2009, 23:04

beth says:


24th Aug 2009, 23:07

Viv says:


24th Aug 2009, 23:07

540air says:

Here we go then :)

24th Aug 2009, 23:32

Caine says:

A good start, to say the least! Well done everyone.

25th Aug 2009, 00:35

nige says:

Ditto. Well done everyone. From inside the group I can tell you that it might not look like much, but it took a lot of hard work from a number of dedicated unpaid volunteers to get here. Moblog has good peoples ; )

25th Aug 2009, 02:22

Wendle says:

Huzzaz!! :D

25th Aug 2009, 07:44

winespy says:

mob-xcellent, i'm in, x

25th Aug 2009, 08:09

JokerXL says:

We are the Mods
We are the Mods
We are, we are, we are the Mods!
(well, you are)

G'luck guys'n'gals, and tnx for all your effort.

25th Aug 2009, 08:22

TMK says:

good idea ;)

25th Aug 2009, 08:25

paintist says:

hoorah! and thanks to all of you ......added :-)

25th Aug 2009, 09:03

jc1000000 says:

I love it when a plan comes together.

25th Aug 2009, 10:33

kel says:


25th Aug 2009, 10:56

FilbertFox says:

yip yip yippee

25th Aug 2009, 11:43

seaneeboy (Moblog Mod) says:

Fantastic. Even thought I've been a little quiet of late, I'm more glad than ever to be a part of Moblog.

I take it SLG wasn't driving while taking that? ;)

25th Aug 2009, 12:31

540air says:

hahaha no no, I can happily say that I was driving whilst that was being taken :)

25th Aug 2009, 12:34

Caine says:

Sean - hahahahahaha. I think I actually missed that. :)

25th Aug 2009, 17:07

Puddikat says:

Fabulous, added too :)

25th Aug 2009, 19:52

Viv says:

beth like the header - no bulls eye on this one ? :)

25th Aug 2009, 22:55

bronxelf says:

see this is why Beth gets to do this stuff and not me. I'd have picked the creepy typewriter stalker font.

What? I would have!

25th Aug 2009, 23:33

Caine says:

I like the creepy typewriter stalker font. But I realize that's not everyone...

26th Aug 2009, 11:26

Viv says:

just wondering what sort of dark place you would create if it was left to you two :)

26th Aug 2009, 11:40

Caine says:

It would be intriguing, Viv. ;)

26th Aug 2009, 13:26

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