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Mad Friday in Hilversum

Mad Friday in Hilversum
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This is what I "do" when I'm not pretending to be a photographer.

Stupid old factory, right in the middle of Hilversum's old center, with a "too big" articulated trailer behind me.
Not the place to be on a Friday afternoon (or any other afternoon for that matter)
21st Aug 2009, 16:21  


paintist says:

:-) you are having fun with your dashboard cam ......

21st Aug 2009, 19:11

Puddlepuff says:

DUDE your speeding! :)

21st Aug 2009, 19:40

JokerXL says:

Puff, of course! it's mad Friday! Look at how fast all them other crazies are moving!

Paintist, yes, I have hours & hours of this stuff, remind me to show you;
"From the Peat-Bogs of Mullingar to Dublin, through Liverpool and all the way to Harwich"
A good eight hours of top-quality road scenes, for the real enthousiast.

21st Aug 2009, 19:49

Puddlepuff says:

Do you remember that TV thing on dutch television on late Saturday nights? Driving through Holland with a camera mounted to the dash?

We spend a lot of pub returns watching that.

I miss that "show".

21st Aug 2009, 19:53

JokerXL says:

I'll upload the eighteen hours that the dash-cam has stored so far if you like, you can save it for when you get back from the pub; "Dash-Cam international"

21st Aug 2009, 19:55

JokerXL says:

The song covers the copious amounts of swearing and shouting that were audible on the original soundtrack.
Half the time I was on the phone (earpiece) to "base" trying to get a lead on how the hell to get in there, 3,5m bridges, 10m length restrictions, 2,2m width constraints, builder's skips (dumpsters) one-way systems, not the place to be in a fifty foot artic (semi).

21st Aug 2009, 21:18

paintist says:

There are fortunes to be made here....I know that there are rail enthusiasts who watch hours of film of train track.....I bet there are trucking fan clubs too....put some on ebay and see :-))

21st Aug 2009, 21:20

JokerXL says:

You're kidding me!

21st Aug 2009, 21:21

gill1109 says:

I have very great respect for big truck drivers driving huge trucks (especially when I'm on my bicycle)

22nd Aug 2009, 12:27

paintist says:

I kid you not....I saw a whole bunch at a steam rail enthusiasts shop once :-)
authentic train journey vidoe 58 mins of fun

22nd Aug 2009, 15:35


22nd Aug 2009, 15:39

Javama says:

There was a song? I had the sound turned off. Now I shall have to watch again. Don't think I'll take up truck driving. It looks difficult!

23rd Aug 2009, 15:12

Javama says:

Wow! Just heard the song. Takes me back to my teens.....

23rd Aug 2009, 15:14