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\(^ ^ ) My name is Yuba. I'm a 23 year old teacher and freelance translator living in Tokyo, Japan. Sometimes I model. Sometimes I sleep. A lot of the time, I take photos of what I'm about to eat. Yum yum yum!

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I did it! I made it to see the gundam in Odaiba before they pull it down at the end of this month. It seems like such a waste to only have it up for month... I wonder why they can't just stick it in a park somewhere and keep it for good.

I took some photos with my DSLR as well as these ones - which are from my cellphone - but surprisingly enough I think these turned out better. Plus there's that bonus shot of me gawking in front of it like a geek. :D

We got there right as it was moving. Apparently it didn't move to begin with, and it doesn't move all the time, either. It's just the head, but the movement is flawless and beautiful! We stayed for maybe half an hour and it totally didn't move again, so I think we were lucky.
6th Aug 2009, 21:52   | tags:,,,,,


nige says:

Love that!

6th Aug 2009, 22:15

Rich says:

Delivered in spades! Now, arrange to have it delivered to my house :D

6th Aug 2009, 22:47

Caine says:

Wow, that's great! I'd like it delivered to me, too. :D

6th Aug 2009, 23:26

Euphro says:

Wow, that's amazing! Well done on getting and delivering the pictures :D

6th Aug 2009, 23:35

Viv says:

What a shame to scrap it!

6th Aug 2009, 23:48

swamprose says:

loving it. good to have our moblogger on the ground .

7th Aug 2009, 00:18

naukhel says:

Thank you for all the comments! I did think about trying to steal it before it gets scrapped, but I really have nowhere to put it! I think my neighbours would catch on.

Kozika!! Hi!! Thanks for adding me! I thought of the same thing when I was there... My friend told me he went on the first night!

7th Aug 2009, 04:57

morningbear says:

Oh what a shame it's being pulled down. I want it!! Fantastic shots.

7th Aug 2009, 15:51

MaggieD says:

Oh wow, that is amazing .....

7th Aug 2009, 20:01

Sprocket says:

damn, I would have loved to see that

8th Aug 2009, 06:31