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A craft moment:
Thing....* *Could we see when and where we are to meet again, we would be more tender when we bid our friends goodbye.* Marie Louise De La Ramee

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Yes, you know who you are!
6th Aug 2009, 16:28   | tags:,


Dhamaka says:


6th Aug 2009, 17:51

The Boyf says:

Testing the email address

6th Aug 2009, 20:06

Craft says:

Thanks for the test comment MYF.

AF: Don't try and blame anyone else, you are the guilty party! I read your first comment when I was speaking to the man who looks like a terrier and I snorted! Bloody snorted!

Dhamaka: Will you still be aww - ing when AF has got me sacked and I'm forced to send MYF out on the streets for the rent? ;-)

BTW: I'm incredibly hot when I'm angry. Really mean and moody...

6th Aug 2009, 20:16

shitake says:

...?..! .. I've got lost ..

7th Aug 2009, 01:49

Craft says:

Me too shitake...

7th Aug 2009, 07:22

Craft says:

Yeah, but I'm really hot and I mean HAWT when I'm mean and moody..

You should glory in my moodiness!

7th Aug 2009, 12:20

MaggieD says:

Hahaha .... well, I would love to glory in the hawtness of the moodiness of your good self .... so far I have a pic that has you with well defined moobs, a sexy scowl, and a quiff ... well, OK I added the quiff .... just to provoke you ;)

7th Aug 2009, 19:47

Craft says:

And I bear grudges MaggieD. I have been informed that as well as being dynamite in the sack my star sign is perfectly capable of bearing a grudge for 3 lifetimes.

I can never make up my mind about star signs. On one hand I think it's a girl thing but then I remember that the ancients studied the skies and were influenced by the stars.

BTW: No quiff but plenty of hair still...

8th Aug 2009, 12:14