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WOW, Twitter becomes a search engine

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This is it guys - probably the biggest threat to Google since I've
been an SEO (6+years)
6th Aug 2009, 13:10  

Wendle says:

Google is king, no-one will steal his crown. (I hope...)

6th Aug 2009, 13:25

Rich says:

you are having a laugh, right? Being able to search within a website is hardly new, innovative or indeed a threat of any kind to google. Twitter is still worthless, as far as I can see.

6th Aug 2009, 13:59

Essitam says:

If it is (and I have my doubts) not at the moment it's not - it's down (again!)

6th Aug 2009, 15:11

jc1000000 says:

Word of mouth (WOM) has always been the fastest and most trusted way to disseminate information and Twitter is now the search engine for word of mouth content and networks within which word of mouth insight spreads. Twitter can answer immediate needs more easily than google can. And immediate needs tend to have more power over society and the individual than long term ones - so i think it's influence is going to be difficult to deny.

6th Aug 2009, 15:15

Essitam says:

....still no word of mouth happening at the moment though, It's still down!

6th Aug 2009, 15:33

kel says:

Surely it's trusted content that matters... think although I'm with you on the word of mouth thing, Twitter's still not got that trusted appeal. I sometimes have a look at it for breaking news (actually for opnions on breaking news) but for indepth research, I'd still use google as my starting point.

6th Aug 2009, 16:02

540air says:

This would answer why it's not working....

6th Aug 2009, 16:34

Dhamaka says:

*waits to hear more discussion

6th Aug 2009, 17:53

jc1000000 says:

I was totally a twitter hater (see my second comment there) - in fact still some of me is and i have betrayed my very own self by coming out in support of it - i used to HATE IT SO MUCH.

But the way i see it is that we really have become acclimatised to the 'ubiquitous connection' and this drives a disposition towards 'always needing to know right now'. I think Twitter accomplishes this very neatly.

But that's not even what i think is really impressive about twitter, What i think is pretty amazing is it's 'cosmos of apps'. Despite tonnes of dead accounts and a tonne of automated ones, and then a billion pointless 'mom & pop' gurus who spam you with platitudes - prepare for total geek out now - the framework it is all built on and the underlying idealism within the software architecture is really bloody cool.

You basically never need to visit twitter to build something useful out of it. For instance Moblog integrates with Twitter simply by posting a feed to it - yet i can fully interact with @usernames and #hashtags without ever directly posting to it. One can segment communities and build all kinds of stuff. For instance, i could track everything that a companies internal employees think is cool, just by identifying the right accounts. By doing that i can tap into the company level conversation as easily as my grandad could tap into the national conversation during the golden age of radio.

The point is aswell is that it is my honest opinion that all the big dotcom companies that will emerge in the future will only win on the grounds of user interface innovation. What they can actually do will be kind of much for muchness - that actual adoption will be driven by ease of use. On that basis Twitter is literally the only dotcom that has been able to compete with Google. These days i dont bother searching for information - i just wait for it to surface on Twitter. Twitter is the only thing i can search to find out what people think about something, and what took me by surprise is how much i narrow and filter what i'm looking fo based on what others think.

That might sound horrendously misguided - like i'm surrendering my humanity to the tyranny of group think, but i think that twitter is the only thing that has come close to tuning out the crap from the tower of babel.

Google is gamed by horrendous blogging back rubs all the time. Twitter too - but at least with Twitter i can just trun the ego-centric F***ers off!


6th Aug 2009, 18:07

jc1000000 says:

I also think moblog does a tonne of the good stuff twitter does and has done for ages - we just never built an API....
In my head we're still the original microbloggers :P

6th Aug 2009, 18:09

chris says:

As soon as Bing, Google or whoever work out how to properly integrate Twitter (and other real-time) results into their index, with the proper weighting of authority, they're have something killer on their hands.

The big thing Google is missing is real-time results. But only where appropriate - If I'm looking for Aston Villa transfers, I want real-time. If I want Macbook pro, I want normal results. I if I'm searching for Ronnie Biggs, I might want both.

That's the key to nailing search IMHO.

6th Aug 2009, 19:45

kel says:

Agreed with Chris. I would love to see Google have much faster results for news - Google news searches are usually rubbish - part of my job is to hunt down news stories on the net and it can take me a lot of search terms before I find them. And yes, I have news alerts set up...

I would love to have some kind of twitter esque live feed that you could set using preferences on topic, location etc etc and it actually took.. I don't know... blog posts, tweets, news stories, and put them all in one place in real time.... it's probably already out there but I'm just not techie enough to know it! :)

7th Aug 2009, 12:37

jc1000000 says:

Chris spot on, you nailed the difference better than i could. I think real time stuff is a threat to Google becuase it /could/ make money - but only from an ecosystem perspective - so essentially twitter might monetise API calls and nothing else.

Kel, Technorati tries to do this stuff but it is totally rubbish nowadays IMHO.
I think you could get an approximation of such a service using twitter. You can bung a tonne of twitter feeds into one unique account that you alone are following and then hook it up to twitterfox - so you get real time news alerts in your browser!

Or you could probably use tweetdeck? I;m amazed that you find Google News slow tho? I find news alerts are kind of lame becuase it seems to crawl content willy nilly.

Part of me is hoping to collaborate with twitterjobsearch.com on some sort of real time news application - join us! :P

7th Aug 2009, 14:02

kel says:

It's only slow in that it often takes a while to pick up news stories that I know are online and in print (because I've seen them that morning when going through newspapers to help compile press cuttings). But not slow in its running...

I'll check out those other things you suggested. I've been really bad at taking up the twitter apps - mainly because my main internet time is at work these days and some of them I don't think i'd be able to use here. I'll schedule some time to give them a go :)

7th Aug 2009, 16:43

kel says:

Yeah, as I thought - both tweetdeck and twitterfox can't be downloaded at work. (well I could and we have done with other web apps in the past but they tendsto play havoc with other things I need to use, like our CMS). I'm at the mercy of the IT dept once again!

7th Aug 2009, 16:46

jc1000000 says:

Ah yeah, twitter is basically unusable without the apps IMO.

You are using www.news.google.co.uk right? they should get stories within minutes of them going live on the web. However some sites like the Telegraph sometimes embargo certain stories for online, in order to sell more print.

7th Aug 2009, 17:35

kel says:

Yup - that's what I'm using... it's probably just me!

10th Aug 2009, 12:26