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\(^ ^ ) My name is Yuba. I'm a 23 year old teacher and freelance translator living in Tokyo, Japan. Sometimes I model. Sometimes I sleep. A lot of the time, I take photos of what I'm about to eat. Yum yum yum!

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Warabi mochi~

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Delicious warabi mochi. My favourite Japanese-style dessert! This is the obvious difference between store-bought, packaged warabi mochi and fresh-made from a restaurant. I was super-impressed with the crockery in the restaurant, even if I made a fair mess of it!


FilbertFox says:

I had to resort to google to find out what it is! It sounds interesting

10th Aug 2009, 17:21

Euphro says:

Just came across this. Wow, it looks amazing. Any hints on what it tasted like?

16th Aug 2009, 00:23

naukhel says:


The mochi part is a translucent, gelatinous jelly that doesn't really have much of a taste on its own. The brown sauce you see in the little jug is very very very sweet, dark soy sauce, and the powder is toasted soy bean flour.

It's very hard to describe the taste, but it's very sweet without being sugary.

16th Aug 2009, 04:58

Euphro says:

Yes, I think I can imagine what you mean; I would like to try it some day :)

16th Aug 2009, 19:20