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Looking down a speciality.

Teazleicious Diva-cat photos for the lazy at heart.

Now with added kitten.

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The Adoration of the Chip

The Adoration of the Chip
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Apparently Oldham gave the world the Chip Shop. Circa 1860. All hail!

swamprose says:

chips ARE everything...

all hail!

5th Jul 2009, 15:56

OJ says:

:) They were great.

5th Jul 2009, 16:16

swamprose says:

it looks like it was great. what was your favourite?

5th Jul 2009, 16:25

OJ says:

The Lest We Forget hearses I think. It's the sort of black humour that appeals to me.

But there were so many great moments. I always have a soft spot for a traditional brass band too. It's a Northern thing.

There was a banner that read "Our ancestors were at Peterloo" (I've probably paraphrased badly). The Trade Union style banners were just great in themselves.

Oh and Bolton's finest all-Asian bagpipe outfit....

5th Jul 2009, 16:37

hildegard says:

Shree Muktajeevan Pipe Band are associated with the (Hindu) Swaminarayan movement. The red dot in the middle of the forehead, & an almost tuning-fork shape made in lines of Ganges clay on the nose & forehead are the tip-off that you're in the presence of Vaisnavins, not Sikhs. Also, Sikh pipe bands go in for dress turbans; rather than the very lovely plumes of the SMPD.

/Pipeband fangirl & quondam Sanskrit student. ;)

5th Jul 2009, 19:28

swamprose says:

well, hildegard, your comment has just sent me googling all over. I learned that are an amazing number of Indian pipe bands, read the story of Vaishnavi, saw the temple in Katra, learned that the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band (Canadians) won the world's championship last year, and that I really want to go to Katra, Srinigar and Ladakh. all your fault.

going to sort my recyclables.

5th Jul 2009, 21:22

OJ says:

Glad my tired typo set someone off on a fruitful journey.

5th Jul 2009, 22:00

hildegard says:

Heh, yours wasn't the only tired typo - the Shree Swaminarayan Gadi Pipe Band, who played on the Procession, will have my guts for garters if I don't correct that muddle of mine with the London-based Shree Muktajeevan PB. ;)

6th Jul 2009, 10:53

Aby Watson says:

I was in Adoration of the Chip as one of the gospel singers! Glad you all enjoyed it, it was so much fun! Gutted when the power ran out!

6th Jul 2009, 22:35

kel says:

I heart Jeremy Deller...

9th Jul 2009, 15:21

OJ says:

Aby well I'm glad you came across my video. Kel, in a non stalkerish way I bumped into Jeremy Deller earlier and complimented him on the fantastic hearses (and everything else in Procession).

9th Jul 2009, 21:37

kel says:


10th Jul 2009, 12:52

Victoria says:

just to let you know, i was also on the float and glad someone actually managed to film us with the power!!! glad you all enjoyed it!!!

11th Jul 2009, 17:40

Kirsty says:

I know aby and Victoria!
glad you all enjoyed it was amazing to do!
i was a dancer with the pram, lol :)

16th Jul 2009, 21:40