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Insurance claim

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I backed into the corner of this woman's hedge last Friday.
She insisted on filling out an insurance claim form.
It's spring! It'll grow back!
We have a bonus system at work, a few quid if you get through the year with no culpable damage, only a token really.
Up to this hedge I'd been four years without a scratch. 500,000 dent-free km's.
Never mind eh.
1st Jun 2009, 12:56  


Geodyne says:

Is it below the belt to make a comment about what an arse?

(Come on, someone had to say it)

1st Jun 2009, 14:17

yourhermione says:

The hedge should file a grievance on her for trimming it then!

1st Jun 2009, 14:18

Twiglet says:

What an arse.....Shame about her bush!

That too needed saying.....

1st Jun 2009, 18:08

cariadus says:

What exactly is she going to claim for anyway? A repair?

1st Jun 2009, 23:34

Spiderbaby says:

I had no idea you could get bush insurance! Looks like it needs seriously cutting back anyway, there will hardly be any path left soon. At least you missed the sign.

Bad luck.

2nd Jun 2009, 01:02

Jonester says:

Did she come out of her house in that strange position or is she going in for a whiplash claim as well or was she in the hedge at the time and was caught short and was unable to wipe?

2nd Jun 2009, 13:42

JokerXL says:

She was trying to get out of the way of the photo but I was quicker.
I gallantly suppressed the massive urge to make any comments at all about a neatly trimmed bush being more attractive, or that I was sorry for rubbing up against her bush with my rear-end.
None of that.
I just filled out the form and got out. Will be interesting to see what the claim says. Wouldn't surprise me if she tries for a complete garden make-over.

3rd Jun 2009, 09:09

Paddington says:

A clear cut case of encroachment onto the highway by this house holder.
So, no encroachment, no incident.
However, if the lady is a member of the local ruling Green Party,you are dead.

3rd Jun 2009, 15:09

JokerXL says:

I think you have an XL-ent point there Paddington!
But it really wouldn't surprise me if we actually didn't hear any more about this. It's not worth persuing, internationally, you'd think.

3rd Jun 2009, 17:07

Bill says:

What's my wife doing in England?

4th Jun 2009, 10:37

Bill says:

What's my wife doing in England?

4th Jun 2009, 10:37

Bill says:

What's my wife doing in England?

4th Jun 2009, 10:37

Bill says:


4th Jun 2009, 10:39

Caine says:

Geez, the snowplow took out two of my peony shrubs last winter and I didn't even complain! Definitely a tempest in a teapot.

4th Jun 2009, 17:58

Sprocket says:

roflmao @ Geo and Twiglet

7th Jun 2009, 13:52

If you are going to lose your careful driver bonus, next time you are down that way, make it worth while by driving through the garden..

Might as well get hung for a sheep as a lamb, as they used to say.

9th Jun 2009, 13:15