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Ephesus Turkey Vs Yankee Stadium

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Sunday, May 3, 2009
Ephesus Turkey and Yankee Stadium

Ancient Ephesus, Turkey

beautiful stadium

me and three of my four boys

delicious fish/shrimp tacos

the new Yankee stadium

Ancient Ephesus, Turkey

Take me and my boys out to the Ball Game! We just went to see our team, the Yankees play at their new stadium. It was a gorgeous day and the new stadium is beautiful. Great food catered by The Food Network and others, fantastic seats behind home plate. As I was sitting and watching the game I couldn't help but to reminisce about a recent trip my family and I took to Ephesus Turkey. I realize that may seem a bit odd, but not really, when you think about it they are two stadiums albeit 2,000 years apart in time
My husband sons and I spent a lot of time exploring the ruins of this great ancient city. As much as we love Pompei, we found Ephesus even more fascinating. Their stadium was large, I believe it had 24,000 seats ( Yankee stadium has 50,000) and very old. When I was looking around the sparkling brand new Yankee stadium listening to the cheers of such fiercely loyal fans I started to picture what the "fans" were like so many years ago in Ephesus. Were they cheering on some things that would make us all close our eyes and look away in horror, were they listening to some lovely music and dance, Or perhaps they were listening to Mary and Pope Paul VI spread the word of Christianity after Jesus died. It is reputed that Mary had made the journey down from the hills where it is rumoured she spent her last days. It is impossible to know for certain exactly what they celebrated in their "stadium" as it was so many years ago. What I feel certain of is, people gathered, people cheered on one another, they come together in a community of spirit, sportsmanship and hope. 2,000 years later fans are coming to stadiums all over the world either alone hoping to find someone to share a moment with, or hopefully they come with loved ones and friends to make a lifetime of memories.
We all know that nothing lasts forever, someday others will be sitting in those spots, will they wonder about those "Yankees" will they even know who they were?? I do hope they are still coming together to cheer on their favorite teams, to gather to support the arts, to have peaceful rallies for good causes, but mostly to spend a beautiful day with their loved ones.

The Bronx Bommers Shrimp Tacos-

I enjoyed a delicous fish taco at the game. I thought I would devise a shrimp version of it.

Its really good, and easy!

1lb of fresh Shrimp (more depending on how many people you are cooking for) I purchase our seafood at a local seafood shop that lightly breads it in a cornmeal batter.

I either deep fry or sautee my shrimp in oil

Use whatever type of wraps you like, I get whole wheat flour tortillas from Whole Foods that are organic

I put out homemade guacomole, salsa, red onions, diced tomatoes, a variety of cheeses, an organic coleslaw, an a chipotle aioli sauce, everyonoe just adds the toppings they like

**I often sautee in place of using a deep fryer for health reasons, and I must say it is just as good, I'm not a big fan of deep fried foods.

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