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swine flew pandemic starts here

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30th Apr 2009, 08:46  


Craft says:

: )

30th Apr 2009, 08:53

Rich says:

mmmm, bacony.

30th Apr 2009, 11:28

si_round says:

HAHAHA COOL, i wonder what a pig snout tastes like!!!!

1st May 2009, 14:26

paintist says:

Oh my.........

1st May 2009, 14:30

paintist says:

this definately should have been a HL......

1st May 2009, 19:16

morningbear says:


2nd May 2009, 10:12

Anonymous says:

I got this in one of those mass email things last year.

2nd May 2009, 10:47

MaisieMouse says:

I;d love to have a go at this!

3rd May 2009, 23:53

troon(tcollis-at-pool-dot-sch-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

i feel sorry 4 those how got swine flew may god be with you...

12th May 2009, 09:29

anakin52 says:

Mr. Pigg.... how many licks does it take to get to the center of a swine flu pandemic....

13th May 2009, 11:28

micela(ygdye-at-sim-dot-com) says:

way to go kid you made the whole united states have a flew how does a kid do that to the world


6th Jun 2009, 01:47

poop(poop) says:


8th Jun 2009, 17:52

Anonymous says:

ha ha lol

16th Aug 2009, 02:01

brooklyn says:

haha.... poor kid

16th Nov 2009, 23:50

brooklyn says:

haha.... poor kid

16th Nov 2009, 23:50