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Marie Antoinette didn't second guess eating all the sweet treats at the Guillotine

I love teaching my entertaining and travel workshops!! My students are so eager to learn, kind and enthusiastic. Last night I did a wonderful class on Paris at our local library. I usually teach from our old historic farmhouse, but we had a great night and turnout!! We did it up "Marie Antoinette" style. Serving homemade cupcakes in a variety of sizes that were dipped in a fresh strawberry glaze and topped with candied violets. I was asked by one of my students if Marie Antoinette was thin, considering all the desserts she enjoyed. I said first of all thin was a "different" thin back then, women were tightly corsetted in, secondly, she had bigger fish to fry. I'm not thinking that while she was at the Guillotine she was regretting any of the sweets she enjoyed!!
So whether she said it or not...please..."Let Them Eat Cake"!!!!
Posted by THE PARIS HOUSE at 8:07 AM


Anonymous says:

ilove it

10th May 2009, 21:19