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The Breakers Shrimp Crab Quesidillas

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The Breakers Never gives me their recipes, I tell them I write for The Well Fed Network, I tell them I'll mention them and there fantastic cuisine, it just doesn't matter, they don't part with anything. Every year, I ask for the gorgonzola truffle french fries recipe and every year they omit about 3 ingrediants from the previous year, no biggie , I figured it out , that will be in another blog. I don't think they do this to be difficult. They are just very busy catering to the Palm Beach jet set crowd ,who probably aren't asking for too many recipes, they most likely have their personal chef whip up whatever they want. Now I am not saying this with any disrespect, I just love love love to cook. Most of my best recipes are my adaptation of those I find on my travels. You know, I probably don't want the whole recipe from them anyway, it is so much more fun to break it down, test it , taste it , perfect it. Isn't any form of success so much sweeter when you have earned it. Well this incredibly simple recipe isn't loaded with flavor, it isn't going to jump out of your taste buds screaming "tex Mex" Arriba get me a Corona ASAP, no this is all about the sweet buttery fresh as can be shrimp and crab. Please don't try this at home, unless you are using impeccably fresh seafood. If not then load it with 5 different cheeses, jalepenos , salsa, spices, sour cream , and everything you have available. This was fabulous because the chef used a lot of restraint and let the seafood be the star here, the co stars were just a little bit of cheddar cheese and some small diced fresh tomatoes. on the side was sour cream lightly seasoned with adobe and topped with a sprinkling of fresh sliced jalenpenos. They also added a small amount of homemade gucamole. These accoutrements just added a little something they didn't steal the show like some supporting actors can do. They enhanced it like they are suppose to do. I reluctantly passed one of my wedges of quesidillas to my husband to get his thoughts. He took his first bite and said, "Wow, that is delicious, the seafood is so fresh" Sometimes simple is simply perfect!!

I use organic flour tortillas from whole foods for this, you can also use corn tortillas.

some grated cheddar cheese

some small diced fresh tomatoes

I little sautee my shrimp and crab meat in a little olive oil ( I use olive oil because it is healty and I would like to live to 100, you can use vegetable oil which will be lighter and not over power your seafood)

then just put the seafood and a handful of cheese between the tortillas and sautee in a little oil until golden on one side and flip.

serve with the sides I mentioned above, I have a delicious fresh qucamole on my website, check out party planning section or recipe section for the recipe and the video, it is under "How To Chop An Onion"

I hope you like It