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[j:c)] I'm a romantic antiquarian; My first cameraphone was the best i ever had.





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Regret the last 3 whiskies at

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Regret the last 3 whiskies at the crow bar. Stormed out on a mate! Dreamt my sister was the yellow power ranger. Also dreamt i had a haircut. Hmm. Mayb i need 1
26th Feb 2009, 10:12  

Alfie says:

You definitely need one mate :)

26th Feb 2009, 11:48

jc1000000 says:

You're the only one who says this, but appreciate vocalness... Everyone else compliments me on it.. I dont know who to trust!

26th Feb 2009, 12:11

Alfie says:

I'm commenting from the traditional 'your hair's too long mate, get it cut' POV - wear it wild man, looks good on you.

26th Feb 2009, 12:13

jc1000000 says:

Lets face it you are the king of wild hair!

FWIW i've pretty much decided that txt blogging your everyday life thoughts here is far superior than on twitter. There's a personal touch here. I own my thoughts on moblog, whereas on twitter it's a bit like the twittersphere owns all the crap that goes on in your head. Moblog still values posterity. whilst twitterers talk themselves to death. I hate it.

26th Feb 2009, 13:08

Alfie says:

heh, marmot boy FTW.

I get a lot out of twitter actually, it's replaced RSS for me *and* is where I arrange all my meetings with people and share initial ideas for projects + source collaborators.

26th Feb 2009, 13:16

540air says:

It's quite good as an RSS replacement, I see where you're coming from though JC, hadn't thought of moblog in a text way before, my brain still thinks picture and words :)

26th Feb 2009, 13:45

Alfie says:

@taniwha (heh) I think to really get some to and fro going you *have* to add quite a few people based on shared interests, then whittle them down based on quality of posts/conversation/frequency

26th Feb 2009, 14:05

Alfie says:

heh :) Well, since you put it that way, of course you can.

26th Feb 2009, 14:10

jc1000000 says:

I like twitter as a kind of industry radar, and i agree about it replacing RSS - i basically get my news socially now. But at the same time i just find it really soul destroying. Listening in on peoples chats feels weird and the blogger back scratching that goes on drives me slightly potty.

In fact it represents a lot of what i hate about the blogosphere maginified - (this may well only apply to SEO industry) but a lot of people congratulating each other for half baked ideas and sensationalist clap trap.

I dont want to read everyones everyday thoughts unless it is presented as an art form. And that's what a blog is for. You cant roll back far enough on twitter (or browse an archive) to really call it a platform for possible artistic projects. For instance, Twitter novels are a lame idea, but Txt based novels aren't. Moblog can handle all of that a helluva lot better - txt based blogging, once we sort out how it is presented could be feckin awesome on here.

Sorry - rambling before a big meeting on mobile! But my 2 cents is that i see the articulation of thoguhts as an art form and here is abetter place to be artistic.

I just dont see twitter making it through the mass market. Unless it gets built into handsets.

And taniwha i think that's exactly the problem with twitter - there's a pressure to be involved, to get anything out of it, but unless you act like a beacon of unique content, then you have to be the sad git at the party who keeps trying to dance with all the girls and failing.

LOL or maybe that is just me? And my experience hehe...

I just hate backrubbing bloggers for what are generally lame posts dressed up as amazing thought pieces.

26th Feb 2009, 14:35

jc1000000 says:

Would love to keep chatting with you all.

Alfie and I have been toing and froing on the future of moblog - have you got any ideas?

Would love to know what you get out of participating here that you dont elsewhere - do we do anything better than other social sites?

26th Feb 2009, 14:53

jc1000000 says:

Thanks for your thoughts taniwha.

It's really interesting you think of moblog as a network rather than a community - i find that a liberating thought. Gonna go meditate on it :)

26th Feb 2009, 17:31

Dhamaka says:

pretty much agree with taniwha - now see moblog as a network which makes me kind of sad as I used to see it as a community. But it's functional and living, which is good.

twitter I think has a function and is still evolving although I'm not into reading about strangers day-to-day dross and believe it's already past its leading-edge-techie-tipping-point. Whether or not it goes mainstream is not relevant to me as it has already got me work - but don't knock the fact that Channel 4 and a Dutch channel used tweeps as their first sources in the recent terrible plane accident.

you know my other views on moblog because we met recently


your hair does *not* need cutting. You look just fine. If it was too short or neat it wouldn't be you!

(edit) and there is a great bike network on twitter although some of them are a little too stuffily hardcore

26th Feb 2009, 18:26

swamprose says:

I cannot make things if there is a lot of noise. My world moves fast and having to deal with every muscle/neural spasm has sent me into shutting the whole thing out. My latest revolutionary moments have been sitting around face to face with other people, talking etc. For me, the real world of fabric, art, music, canvas, community is making a comeback here offline.

27th Feb 2009, 03:25

facepainting says:

i dont know about twitter, or rss feeds, but if in doubt, get a hair cut , and it wasn't a dream, i am the yellow power ranger ....

2nd Mar 2009, 09:29

jc1000000 says:

Swamprose - i'm exactly the same- At work, they blare radio out all day - drives me nuts! Your comment just shed light on what i;ve been thinking tho - most of the communities i spend time with and really really care about are offline. It's just that when you are stuck at work, I end up consumed in that 'community' and get the false idea that life really is lived online now.

Dhamaka - i wrote this post on twitter & skittles today - you might find interesting...?

3rd Mar 2009, 00:29

jc1000000 says:

Po, I *knew* you were the yellow power ranger :D xx

3rd Mar 2009, 00:30

Not licensed for liquor at my watering hole, so tonight I'm drinking port.

Sorry for falling into a discussion that happened most of a month ago and picking it up like it was today. THERE's something you can't do on Twitter.

@Thaumatrope has been publishing some serialized pieces via Twitter and they're important -- if only to show what works and what doesn't, storywise, for the media. Is it literature? Is it art? The same questions were asked at the beginning of the Surrealist and Dada movements. Doesn't mean that the answer is automatically yes...

I think they try to show the reason we follow some people who do the twitter thing. Their stories might happen a couple of posts per day, but it's the story of their lives. Some insipid, some poignant, some silly and repetitive. But it's not threaded. Responses drift on the same current as the original ripple. No depth. It's all foam on the surface, soon evaporated and lost down the timestream.

Twitter is a noise source for me. I watch the stream like I watch the clouds, trying to predict the weather, letting the clouds form amusing pictures and trying to draw inspiration from those personal pictures.

Also, when I compose a tweet, it teaches me to select the words I really value, the words I really need to use to make the point. I'm such a wordy bastard. It's therapy for that.


30th Mar 2009, 03:51