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by Steve

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Red hair

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The passport machine gave me red tips for my hair.
15th Jan 2009, 04:02  

Steve says:

look at my wonky nose!

15th Jan 2009, 04:03

swamprose says:

I was looking at the massive forehead. is it all brains?

15th Jan 2009, 04:09

Steve says:

No it full of hatred for people who mention my big forehead.


15th Jan 2009, 04:23

Dhamaka says:

cool effect. Years ago I wanted that kind of thing for my hair. Didn't do it because I was a contractor and at the time you didn't get accountants with electric blue tips to their hair

15th Jan 2009, 09:03

Euphro says:

Saved you a fortune :D

15th Jan 2009, 12:56

Jane Doe says:

Suits you!
At first I thought you'd had a go at this
; )

15th Jan 2009, 13:34

hildegard says:

See, even photobooths think you're a redhead - it's not just me!

15th Jan 2009, 14:21

Spiderbaby says:

Suits you! If only photobooths could really dye your hair... I'd give it a go :)
(and that is a perfect shot for the OU Darwin special 'devolve yourself' tool)

15th Jan 2009, 15:46

Steve says:

I can't tell a lie I did use that very shot for my devolution and it has become my facebook picture.

I will post the results here too.

Great find Spiderbaby

15th Jan 2009, 15:59

Spiderbaby says:

Yay! It's oddly compelling isn't it, watching yourself morph into an earlier hominid :)

15th Jan 2009, 17:56

beth says:

steve devolved ??

16th Jan 2009, 00:34

Steve says:

Hey, watch it!

16th Jan 2009, 01:39

Steve says:

Me devolving

16th Jan 2009, 01:51

Dhamaka says:


16th Jan 2009, 09:14

Spiderbaby says:

Oh wow! You did a clever thing! Looking good :)

16th Jan 2009, 16:05

beth says:

from neolithic man to modern man all in the time it takes to eat a bowl of cornflakes.

17th Jan 2009, 01:11

Joe says:

For a moment there I thought you'd gone punk.

17th Jan 2009, 01:26

Steve says:

I actually quite like the look, maybe one day.

17th Jan 2009, 03:17

itchymoblog says:

*laughs like a drain at the devolving pic*

Original pic is great - punk rawk! Yeah.

19th Jan 2009, 22:38

FilbertFox says:

it's funny, but the pasport machine turns all my hair orange

21st Jan 2009, 09:20