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@brewster_d New Uke! for Javaboy & Javama

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Just started learning this little bad boy.
3rd Jan 2009, 19:34   | tags:,

silar31 says:

Nice! If not for that danged huge puddle in the way we'd have to get together and jam! ;)

3rd Jan 2009, 22:53

nige says:

Do you play then, silar?

3rd Jan 2009, 23:20

javaboy says:

Looking good. You play any other instruments? How sore are your fingers?!

4th Jan 2009, 09:44

Javama says:

You are clearly a gifted player already

4th Jan 2009, 10:26

nige says:

The fingers are in good shape, javaboy. I don't play any other instruments, no. Do you?

Javama, I am not! Believe me :)

4th Jan 2009, 11:02

taniwha says:

Ah you coming to the party in Cambridge Nige? You should do us all a turn of 'When I'm cleaning windows.'

4th Jan 2009, 14:03

silar31 says:

I've just started to learn guitar nige. I played a bit when I was a kid but it's been over 20 years.

4th Jan 2009, 14:04

nige says:

t, i can't make it as i'm away in the UAE.

silar, how is it going for you?

4th Jan 2009, 17:17

Spiderbaby says:

There must be easier ways of getting fibre in your diet ;)
Seriously though, wow! They look such good fun. I remember seeing a big ukelele band on Never Mind the buzzcocks once and was sorely tempted to have a go there and then! One day, one day... when Crickson's out... :)

4th Jan 2009, 17:28

nige says:

I agree sb, though I wasn't trying to eat it! I was trying to position my face so that the hole looked like a mouth, but I think i failed miserably.

I reckon you should just buy one and we can have an international moblog ukulele band!

4th Jan 2009, 17:34

Spiderbaby says:

You didn't fail! It does look like a mouth, I did see that too but liked the idea of you taking a bite out of it (probably something to do with post-Christmas health kicks, eating cardboard taken to the next level and combined with a new hobby).

When we get back to Rhode Island I reckon I will give in and get one (don't tell Crickson!), right now I'm trying not to accumulate too much stuff. Only another couple of months to go!

4th Jan 2009, 18:56

taniwha says:

So no George Formby then?


4th Jan 2009, 20:10

nige says:

Looking forward to that day, Sb!

t - Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. I should have just said Dubai really, duh.

4th Jan 2009, 23:54

silar31 says:

nige, slowly but surely! With all of the continuing insanity surrounding the storm damage I've been very bad at practicing these last few weeks and I have to get back at it. I should go do that just now, actually...



5th Jan 2009, 22:08

Toddy says:

Hours of fun, my friend plays and always brings it to BBQ's. Great entertainment.......Good luck

7th Jan 2009, 10:51

Javama says:

Have you made a start yet? Will you take it to Dubai?

8th Jan 2009, 17:53

nige says:

Cheers Toddy.

Javama, I've been learning chords and chord changes - C, F & G7. I won't take it with me, no. More practice required!

8th Jan 2009, 20:29

Javama says:

OK but don't forget what you've learned already....

9th Jan 2009, 14:12

itchymoblog says:

Don't eat it! D:

Great pic - does look very much as though you're about to have a ukelele sandwich, hold the bread ;)

19th Jan 2009, 22:31