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I love my iPod

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And it's funky holster. I found it on a street. Lucky me. Not so lucky previous recipent. Like a rabbits foot.
17th Aug 2005, 19:46   | tags:,,,,

beth says:

iPod R whack.

17th Aug 2005, 19:47

Helen says:

Yeah but you're still manically building up your points so you can get a free one.

17th Aug 2005, 19:48

beth says:

um. i'm not? there are no free ipods in the world of apple retail.

17th Aug 2005, 19:51

Helen says:

Oh. Rubbish.

17th Aug 2005, 19:52

Rich says:

you found the ipod or the holster in the street?

17th Aug 2005, 19:53

seaneeboy says:

The Holster - I imagine it held an iPod, was snatched and removed, and the holster dropped. A little sad for the last person.

Beth - UR JEALOS!!!!ONEONE!ELEVEN Mi podr0000lz!

17th Aug 2005, 19:57

Helen says:

My iPod is bigger than your iPod. Ner.

17th Aug 2005, 19:59

seaneeboy says:

I know, i've filled mine now. That said, half of it is Jo's choice, I think if I got her one it would free up half the pod.

17th Aug 2005, 20:01

Rich says:

I feel the same about my Zen jukebox, it's aces. Plus it's not a bleedin' ippud, which everyone has, god damn your pod-owning eyes. Still have one gig left unfilled, part of the fun's in refining the choice into the bestest

17th Aug 2005, 20:02

Helen says:


17th Aug 2005, 20:03

Helen says:


17th Aug 2005, 20:04

Rich says:



17th Aug 2005, 20:05

Helen says:


17th Aug 2005, 20:08

seaneeboy says:

Hehe - I've missed you nutters.

Well, a little.

17th Aug 2005, 20:11

beth says:

to be honest though.. any other mp3 player is just wrong.

17th Aug 2005, 20:21

seaneeboy says:

Yoo knows it

17th Aug 2005, 20:23

beth says:

i'm quite happy with my mp3 player on my
k750i I won with moblogUK

17th Aug 2005, 20:24

seaneeboy says:

Ooh, reminds me to enter the movie competition :)

17th Aug 2005, 20:25

McN says:

I want (need) an iPod and a lap-top.
Any offers?
3 for 2, BOGOF Beth?

17th Aug 2005, 20:38

Helen says:

iBook, iPod, your life will be complete.

17th Aug 2005, 21:01