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Yay! The Britglyph project has been nominated for Webby awards in both the "Netart" and "Experimental and Innovation" categories. Please take a moment to click the link below and cast your vote for us!
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Britglyph is a public art project across Great Britain that you create, just by taking part.

How? You travel to a location and take a photo or video, and then send it to us using ShoZu, email, or MMS. Full details on how to get involved are on the map link above.

Together, we will create the world's largest ever Geoglyph, Click here to launch the map and get started, or Click here for more background information on the project.

Britglyph is powered by Shozu, helping you enjoy the view.

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Britglyph Updatearama - 22nd December.

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Hi Britglyphers and Britglyphers to be, this is just a quick update to let you know where we are with the project so far.

So, some small stats. So far 46 people have taken part, visiting 23 markers across the country, and we have posted 117 images and 5 videos.

We want to congratulate everyone who has taken part so far, I can't tell you how amazing it's been watching your posts arrive, sometimes from the dead of night in a far flung reach of Scotland, or a misty hard to reach field in Kent.

So far we have completed 27 of the 63 markers, taking us to 43% of the way there. Consider for a moment what taking part in Britglyph means and entails. It requires you to a) actually grok the concept and get excited about it and then b) actually GO TO SOME RANDOM PLACE WITH A ROCK!.

That's a little out there, but it's out there in exactly the right way. What it means, I think, are a few important things. It means that the pursuit of art is important, it's important enough for people to put wellies on on a cold Scottish winter night and use a GPS navigator to find their way to a field. It means that all of us together can actually make this a reality, and create the largest piece of public art ever made. It means that we've perhaps hit on a blend of technologies that makes a new type of art possible. At the very least, this is a new way of self organising to accomplish a shared goal which uses web and mobile technologies to effect real change in the physical world. It also means that we all still have the capacity to be excited about things, like kids we've headed out into unknown territories and posted pictures of ourselves grinning like loons :D

We now have until the 9th of January to complete the Britglyph, that's another 36 markers. These markers are often in places that I for one don't actually know anyone at, places like Stoke, Ellesmere Port, Thirsk and Hartlepool... Do YOU know anyone there? So far people interested in the project have been instrumental in getting word out to people who are in the regions of harder to reach location markers. Just this weekend the quite wonderful @javaboy made a detour in his route to place a marker in Lockerbie.

Without *you*, the Britglyph project can't work, so I hope you can help; spread the word, work out where your local marker is and make a day of it, tell friends in far flung reaches about it and we have a real chance of creating the largest piece of art ever made, together; by us and for us. :)

Please do leave your thoughts and comments below, any ideas you have or feedback of any kind muchos appreciated.

Posted by Alfie