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The Story of Bottled Water

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6th of December

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6th Dec 2008, 18:02   | tags:,,,


MaggieD says:

Is it mechanical? It looks like it should be rotating ...

6th Dec 2008, 18:15

hildegard says:

It is rotating - took a few goes before I had the donkey looking straight back out. Fortunately there was Glühwein to keep off the chill. :)

(Overexposed by choice - hideous & entirely unchristmassy office buildings behind it.)

6th Dec 2008, 18:22

EJ says:

This reminds me of the music box from the start of Camberwick Green. Instead of Windy Miller, though, it's the baby jesus!

6th Dec 2008, 18:26

Anonymous says:

Ah, it is an excellent capture then, I would have waited for the donkey as well :)

6th Dec 2008, 19:25

mara says:

oooh...beautiful, lovely one

7th Dec 2008, 07:41

swamprose says:

this is my first Weihnachts Pyramid. now I have to find some Gluwhein. I am enjoying your calendar.

7th Dec 2008, 09:46

hildegard says:

Pyramids are optional (& generally a good deal smaller) but Glühwein or nearest mulled cousin, is a seasonal obligation.

Pleased these seem to be going down ok - mildly surprised I've kept it up even this far, but there's so much xmasabilia around, it's hard not to wind up with drifts of pics. It was either this or xmas cards. ;)

8th Dec 2008, 00:56

hildegard says:

You've got your xmas myths mixed up T - it's Santa & the reindeer who do the flying...

8th Dec 2008, 14:15

Spiderbaby says:

But surely it's the baby Jesus-copter! *tries to remember Camberwick Green theme tune

10th Dec 2008, 23:01

hildegard says:

I'd be more worried it'd screw itself into the ground & he doesn't do that descending into hell bit until easter...

10th Dec 2008, 23:04

Spiderbaby says:

Ah that's better! Thanks :)

10th Dec 2008, 23:09